Sunday, 15 June 2014

I came across this emblem today, which is the shoulder badge of one of the many nationalist political groups that have sprung up in the Ukraine, as a direct result of the internal Crimean conflict.

Now I must point out one important thing here - that I certainly do not know enough history about this conflict to make comments that show support for either Ukraine or Russia - so this article should be read purely in the interest of studying the symbolism used in the patch. 

The A3OB is Ukrainian for 'Azov' - a  Battalion / paramilitary made up of nationalist volunteers, at also includes National Socialist from across Europe and Russia. 

The emblem is in the national colours of Ukraine - other patches are in Black and Red, colours associated with the Ukrainian far right. The Wolf Hook is a symbol of Resistance, and this particular style has become popular in the Ukraine after its use by the Social National Assembly. Behind the blue wave is a rising Black Sun - one of the most prominent symbols of esoteric National Socialism. The bottom of the patch includes the 'Tryzub' or Trident, probably their most famous nation emblem.

Tryzub emblem in the flag of the Right Sector

This is the emblem of the Aryan Legacy. This is the first time I've seen the symbol used as a racialist symbol outside of the Ukraine. The emblem is a binding between the Trident and the Algiz (life rune) which merges with the centre of the Trident.  link to their site

With any conflict - there is always a surge in national pride. However, over the years I've noticed that the concept of 'Nation' is slowly giving way to the concept of 'Race'. The conflict between Ukraine and Russia is opening people to this idea - and other regions of Russia are now exerting their regional ethnic status. Within the region of Ingria (Ingermanland)  racial and heathen groups are in fact looking to England for inspiration! The Ingermanland Heathen Front are one example who for a long time have studied the runes - and have now translated the Ar Kan Rune Lag* into Russian! Ingermanland Heathen Front

* the rune row based on the 33 runes of the Anglo Saxon rune rows, which incorporates the English and Gral mysteries. See the Woden's Folk links on the side for more information!