Saturday, 21 June 2014

Happy Sommersonnenwende!
Happy summer Sunstead!

Today we honour Baldur – The god of Radiance and the Light of the Sun. Today is when the Sun (the giver of life and light) is at its strongest.

The Christians made Baldur into their patron St John- who they remember on this day. I say remember for Christians are forbidden to celebrate events derived from astrological events. However for us heathens and National Socialists, the Solstice is a great time for gatherings and celebration. A time for the family and our blood community!  A time when our Leaders once gave the folk Rings of Honour! 

From this day until Yule the days will darken and the nights grow longer. All is part of the turning of the cycle of the year – the journey the Earth takes as the great solar wheel turns once more. And, whilst our race faces dark times ahead – just like the turning of the great solar wheel, our race will one day return to the light.

Hail the new Dawn!

Sun Hail!