Saturday, 28 June 2014

Armed Forces Day!

Today we salute the Armed Forces who stood for our values
who fought for our survival
who died defending our Nations.

Unlike today's armies, Germany’s Waffen SS was a spiritual-order – who fought a war  based on ideology. Not an ideology that enslaved the white Afrikaners so that the Rothschilds could gain control of South Africa’s gold and diamond mines. Not an ideology that saw Afghanistan invaded in order to take control of the worlds opium supply. Nor one that saw Iraq invaded – on the bases of a lie. 

When the Waffen SS fought on the Battlefields of Europe – the cause was the creation of a new Germania and a new healthy Humanity. 

Their ideology was Honour and Loyalty.

Friday, 27 June 2014

The Black Sun!

The infamous Black Sun symbol!  

The Black Sun is one of the most important symbols in Esoteric National Socialism. The mosaic at Wewelburg itself is a beautiful piece of art - made from the finest green marble, kindly donated by Mussolini! I had the privilege to visit the castle and see the Black Sun in the Hall above the 'Valhalla' crypt many years ago. 

The Black Sun itself is a form of Zierscheibe - an ornamental disk which symbolised the cyclic nature of the Germanic Worldview. Many Alemannic graves were found with these metal sun discs, and many resemble the Wewelsburg Black Sun.

Its design was chosen by Himmler after taking advice from Wiligut - however I once read that other occultists were working with Himmler and had also suggested alternative designs. I recall a French website that had a picture of an alternative design which had been considered by Himmler. (If I can find the website on an archives site I'll add the link - the website went by the name 'Freki' but has not been hosted for over 10 years now). 

A lot has been written about the Black Sun, mostly that the Sun Wheel consists of three turning Swastikas - representing  one rising, one at the zenith, and one setting. This is of course true - however there are many other mysteries regarding the emblem. I'll discuss a few of them here.

The Black Sun can represent the immoveable centre - the sacred centre which lies at the heart of all living things - including our very own universe. It is the spiritual opposite of the Golden 'outwards' shining sun we can see. This would make it symbolic of a 'Black Hole' - instead of Swastikas the Black Sun can be seen as a ring of twelve Sowilo (Sieg / Sig) runes. The Sieg Rune is a rune of Light in one aspect - however the runes on the Black Sun are in reverse - symbolising a light absorbing sun.

The Green marble which Mussolini donated to Himmler also has important symbolism.The green represents the Green Ray - which is the colour of the light of the sun just as the sun sets beneath the horizon. This is a well known phenomenon, and is even mentioned in the movie 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. This phenomenon is called the Green Flash by astronomers and there are numerous photos of this. In fact the lens of a camera often exaggerates the phenomenon, which is rarely seen with the naked eye. 

The Green Ray caught on camera lens

The Green Ray on a photo by Nasa

to be continued.....

Example of the Death rune in use.

This photo shows the funeral rites of a Norwegian National Socialist. The double Sieg Runes on the left indicate he was an SS member. The Sun Cross was the emblem of the Norwegian Nation Socialist movement. In the middle the Death Rune.


This is a very interesting flag!

The Sieg rune is also known as the Sigel rune - in Anglo Saxon 'Sowilo' and Armanen 'Sig', and means 'Victory' as a National Socialist rune. The Single Sieg rune was the emblem for the Deutsches Jungvolk. The Schutz-Staffel used the double Sieg rune as their emblem, with only racial-Germanic soldiers being allowed to wear the runes on their collars.

The Svensk Socialistisk Samling (SSS) (who had been previously called National Socialist Worker's Party / NSAP) even used the triple Sieg rune pattern - SSS!

The flag above with the gothic style 'York' under a single Sieg rune caught me in my tracks when I first saw it - thinking the name 'York' was referring to city of York in the North of England. However the flag isn't English, but was a banner from the American German Bund (Amerikadeutscher Volksbund).

Triple Sieg pattern of the Swedish National Socialist workers Party.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Light the Sonnwendfeuers on this sacred day!

Happy Sommersonnenwende!
Happy summer Sunstead!

Today we honour Baldur – The god of Radiance and the Light of the Sun. Today is when the Sun (the giver of life and light) is at its strongest.

The Christians made Baldur into their patron St John- who they remember on this day. I say remember for Christians are forbidden to celebrate events derived from astrological events. However for us heathens and National Socialists, the Solstice is a great time for gatherings and celebration. A time for the family and our blood community!  A time when our Leaders once gave the folk Rings of Honour! 

From this day until Yule the days will darken and the nights grow longer. All is part of the turning of the cycle of the year – the journey the Earth takes as the great solar wheel turns once more. And, whilst our race faces dark times ahead – just like the turning of the great solar wheel, our race will one day return to the light.

Hail the new Dawn!

Sun Hail!

Friday, 20 June 2014


Drum mutig Drein
und nimmer bleich
Den Gott
ist allenthalben:

Die freihei und das
keine halben!

Ernst Moritz Arndt

Monday, 16 June 2014

The Landjahr - Land Year

The Landjahr was a nationalist project which allowed young boys and girls the chance of experiencing rural work and life. The idea was the creation of the Artaman League and became a national scheme after the merger of the Artaman with the Hitler Youth.

The Landjahr evolved into the Germanishe Landdienst (German Land Service), with the hopes of becoming a pan Germanic youth movement (The Jeugdstorm / Germanische Jugend).  Many of the participants of the German Land Movement were from Germany, Holland and Flanders.  

Dutch Jeugdstorm (Youth Storm) poster

Edel Rune

The emblem for the movement was the Edel rune- the Rune of Germanic Soil and an upright sword.

Germanishe Landdienst Silver Brooch

Sunday, 15 June 2014

I came across this emblem today, which is the shoulder badge of one of the many nationalist political groups that have sprung up in the Ukraine, as a direct result of the internal Crimean conflict.

Now I must point out one important thing here - that I certainly do not know enough history about this conflict to make comments that show support for either Ukraine or Russia - so this article should be read purely in the interest of studying the symbolism used in the patch. 

The A3OB is Ukrainian for 'Azov' - a  Battalion / paramilitary made up of nationalist volunteers, at also includes National Socialist from across Europe and Russia. 

The emblem is in the national colours of Ukraine - other patches are in Black and Red, colours associated with the Ukrainian far right. The Wolf Hook is a symbol of Resistance, and this particular style has become popular in the Ukraine after its use by the Social National Assembly. Behind the blue wave is a rising Black Sun - one of the most prominent symbols of esoteric National Socialism. The bottom of the patch includes the 'Tryzub' or Trident, probably their most famous nation emblem.

Tryzub emblem in the flag of the Right Sector

This is the emblem of the Aryan Legacy. This is the first time I've seen the symbol used as a racialist symbol outside of the Ukraine. The emblem is a binding between the Trident and the Algiz (life rune) which merges with the centre of the Trident.  link to their site

With any conflict - there is always a surge in national pride. However, over the years I've noticed that the concept of 'Nation' is slowly giving way to the concept of 'Race'. The conflict between Ukraine and Russia is opening people to this idea - and other regions of Russia are now exerting their regional ethnic status. Within the region of Ingria (Ingermanland)  racial and heathen groups are in fact looking to England for inspiration! The Ingermanland Heathen Front are one example who for a long time have studied the runes - and have now translated the Ar Kan Rune Lag* into Russian! Ingermanland Heathen Front

* the rune row based on the 33 runes of the Anglo Saxon rune rows, which incorporates the English and Gral mysteries. See the Woden's Folk links on the side for more information! 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

 The Rootedness of the Peasantry - Wulf Grimwald
The peasant/farmer is rooted to the soil in a numinous, mystical manner. His land provides him with more than food or an income; it is here that the generations of his family live and die, where their sweat, blood and tears and laughter consecrate the earth in the most personal way. Where is there such connectedness to one's environment in the City, where all is in a state of flux and transience: where impersonality is supreme. Spengler continues:
"He who digs and ploughs is seeking not to plunder, but to alter Nature. To plant implies not to take something, but to produce something. BUT WITH THIS, MAN HIMSELF BECOMES PLANT—namely, as peasant. He roots in the earth that he tends, the soul of man discovers a soul in the countryside, and a new earthboundness of being, a new feeling pronounces itself. Hostile Nature becomes the friend, earth becomes MOTHER Earth. Between sowing and begetting, harvest and death, and child and the grain, a profound affinity is set up ...."
The symbol of this youthful Culture, this 'Springtime' is the farmhouse, "The great symbol of settledness .... It is PROPERTY in the most sacred sense of the word."
It is the Civilization in its Late or "Winter" phase with the City and the citydweller :dominant that has man returning to a spiritually nomadic, rootless condition. He is no longer settled; there are no real, deep—inner—ties to property in the profound sense, not even among those who own their city dwellings. The City epitomized by the Megalopolis in Late Civilization (for ancient Rome and modern New York, London or Paris) draws the races of the world to it; no longer only the rural population of its own Folk. The Megalopolis is bloodless, money-based, desiring capital and labor regardless of the racial and cultural sources. The great melting-pot is upheld as the ideal. America symbolizes perfectly the Western Civilization's Late phase, and whoever seeks to predict the future of his own society needs only to look first at what unfolds in America.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

For Freedom and Bread!
Für Freiheit und Brot!

I often use this symbol on my blogs - kindly created and donated to me via the neovolk website.

It is based upon the Blood and Soil logo of Darre - but has been rearranged so that the logo became legal for use in Germany. The spirit of the original symbol remains the same - BLOOD AND SOIL - however I also promote this sign with the motto For Freedom and Bread - a line which appears in many National Socialist anthems. 

 ‘Gainst vested powers, Red Front, and massed ranks of Reaction 
We lead the fight for freedom and for bread ! - Oswald Mosley's - The Marching Song

Es schau'n aufs Hakenkreuz voll Hoffnung schon Millionen.
Der Tag für Freiheit und für Brot bricht an! - Horst Wessel Lied

This is a stylised version of Darre's Blood and Soil logo. The 'illegal' (sic) parts were removed (namely the Eagle and Swastika) and the emblem was used by kinsman in countries were our very own history is becoming illegal. However the meaning remains the same. For Blood and Soil. For Freedom and Bread. For Nationalism and Socialism. 

Sunday, 1 June 2014

After the Swastika - the Sunwheel is probably one of the most instantly recognisable pagan symbols used within Pan-European and White Nationalist circles.

The symbol of the Sunwheel - also called a Sun Cross, Eye of Odin (Wotan Woden etc.) has many meanings - and is slightly different to the 'celtic cross' which I believe has it origins in the Sunwheel symbol, but was later Christianised, as we will see now -

If we look at these images of very old 'Celtic Crosses' we see that they are in fact Sunwheels which were based on top of  a Pillar (the Irminsul). Over time the Pillar became incorporated and the Sunwheel and became a 'Celtic Cross'.

Like the Swastika - the original Sunwheel had even length arms - it was a 'rotational' symbol which represented the turning of the Year (the word Yule means 'wheel' which represented the final turn of the yearly cycle before entering a new year).

The four arms often represent - 
  1. the four directions of North, East, South and West. (This are the names of four dwarves who hold up the sky in Northern mythology) - hence the Sunwheel is a SOLAR symbol.
  2. the four seasons of the year - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - again symbolised as a turning wheel.
There are two other aspects of the Sunwheel which are sometimes overlooked. The outer circle represents the 'Enternal' (the never ending, evolution, change etc.) whilst the 'cross' represents the 'Finite' (the fixed, limited, restricted etc.). These two opposites are combined to form the Sunwheel. It is this combination of opposites that makes the Sunwheel a symbol for the 'Eye of Woden' - as Woden is blind in one eye. Woden sacrificed one eye at the Well of Memory, in order to gain insight into the future. Thus his seeing eye represents the 'outlooking' eternal eye, whilst his blind eye represents the 'inward' eye of wisdom. Again we have a union of opposites.

The Sunwheel  as a Nationalist emblem.

As we have seen, the Sunwheel is certainly a suitable substitute for the swastika as a Solar symbol. The sign is often combined with national colours - with these examples below.

During the Second Brothers War, the Nasjonal Samling used a Sunwheel as their emblem. The colours for the Sunwheel were based on the colours of St Olafs cross. The Nasjonal Samling headed by Vidkun Quisling, were pro-pagan.

The Suncross of the Nasjonal Samling.

In the United Kingdom the British Movement also uses the Sunwheel as their emblem. Founded in 1962 by the late National Socialist Colin Jordan, the BM use a Sunwheel based on the colours of the Union Jack. 

The Sunwheel of the British Movement.