Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Volkisch Black Flag

The Black Flag is often flown by anarchists, and they will claim the Black Flag as their own - but the origins of the Black Flag are really in the Volkisch history of the Aryan tribes, and especially in the Mannerbunds and War-Cults. The Schwarze Fahne has always been a flag of RESISTANCE and REVOLUTION. A flag for National Socialism! 

It must be pointed out here at true National Socialism is very unlike the civic and zionist controlled 'cultural' nationalism we see in England, for National Socialism is Revolutionary - but again, it should not to be confused with the left wing Reactionary.  National Socialism is a Spiritual Weltanschauung that stands outside the political spectrum.  

The Black flag was once the Banner of the Indo-Aryan goddess Kali. She was a war-goddess, whose chariot was pulled by Tigers. Her lust for war meant she would be depicted as black, her banner was black, even her name means black. In many ways her cult was similar to the Germanic goddess Freya - another war-goddess who cat drawn chariot leads her to battle. 

Across the Aryan homelands, of what is now the Middle East - Aryan tribes flew the Black Banner of War. This region was called Ariana (countries like Iran take their name from the term Aryan) and the tribes who lived their were the Aryans. As the tribes migrated so did the wisdom, customs and traditions of the Aryans - which still live on in this region - long after the Aryan people who no longer dwell in this part of the world. However the flags of this region today, all contain the colours of the Aryan people - Black White and Red. Many tribes still have blue eyes and Aryan traits.

Pushtun girl from Pakistan.
The Pushtun region crosses Pakistan into Afhganistan

young Afghan boy

A girl from Pakistan's Kalash tribe.
Known as the 'White Tribe' of Pakistan -
the Kalash are direct descendants of Alexander the Great.
The Kalash are neither Muslim or Christian - but still follow their pagan religion.
The Kalash pagans are believed to have hidden Osama bin Laden from US/UK forces.

The British invaded Afghanistan numerous times during the late 1800's. The objective was to control the opium drug trade. The battle flag of the Afghan tribes at the time had been the same as the pagan warrior cult from ancient Aryan times - the Black Flag. The British army was defeated then, however as part of the NWO they occupy this ancient Aryan homeland once more - and opium production is now at its highest. The Taliban who sort to destroy the poppy fields still use the same Afghan Black Flag, but with the addition of Islamic script.

Whilst on the subject of this region - I feel that I should mention something regarding the word 'Stan', as many of the countries, and within them the smaller regions, all end with this suffix. The word Stan means boundary stone, so has a slightly different meaning to the suffix 'land', however it is the same as the Anglo Saxon rune Stan (St) which means stone. Here we have yet another example of how ancient the roots of the runes are!

During the Germanic Peasant uprisings the Black Flag became a rallying banner for the Peasant cause. Florian Geyer (1490-1525) was a noble-man and knight, but sided with the peasantry against the Catholic church. His sword was said to have the inscription  "Nulla crux, nulla corona" (Neither cross nor crown) inscribed along the blade. Geyers banner was the folkish Black Flag.

8th SS Cavalry Division Florian Geyer was a Waffen-SS cavalry Division be continued!