Saturday, 17 May 2014

The curved swastika as a sign of life

The curved swastika has a unique feminine quality about it! This softer and elegant swastika was often used by women’s movements within National Socialism – and (along with the Lebensrune) is a symbol for LIFE. It is the sign for Sunna, the Aryan Sun goddess.

For us National Socialists, the idea of being pro-life means exactly that – we are pro-LIFE, pro-CREATION, pro-FAMILY – for we are not the last of today, but the first of tomorrow! For us the family, our children – the future generations- and our women folk are the most precious things on this Earth. We WILL secure the existence of our race and a future for white children – through the strength and love we give to our children and women folk! Our enemies despise the concept of family. Marxism attempts to destroy the family via indoctrination of our children through media and school. Christianity teaches ‘love Christ over your own mother and father’. Liberalism seeks to dilute the concept of family for the equality of homosexuals. Capitalism seeks to end the family by placing mothers in the workplace. Only National Socialism puts family first!

To us, the gentle swastika symbolises this Worldview. It is not the symbol for hate, as our enemies proclaim, but one of love; love for this green earth, love for our history and our people. The swastika is a symbol of life – for life.

Faith Folk Freedom and Fatherland!

All people upon this earth have the right to follow their own destiny. We shall do so under the sign of the Holy Swastika. 

The gentle curve of the feminine swastika!