Friday, 16 May 2014

Raise the Sword!

The sword has long been a symbol for rebellion. As we have seen in previous posts, the Red Sword, along with a White Plough, was a rallying symbol for many rural uprisings - a true Bauerntum banner!

The Sword is the symbol of the Saxon god Seaxnot  - god of the East Angles. His symbol of the long Seax that still remains on the flags of Essex and Middlesex. Irmin is yet another Saxon sword god, whose other symbols include the white rose. The white rose symbol appears on the flags of Yorkshire, as well as Saxony presidential flags in Germany.  The 'Death' tarot card often combines the Sword and White Rose symbols.

Heathen use of Sword symbolism is an upright sword - a sword raised pointing towards the sky, an invocation to the sky gods - as seen here in the logo of the Vitt Ariskt Motstånd. This is also why the Red Sword on the London flag is also pointing up - because this was the Sword of the the rural and peasant revolts - (pagan means rural). Many statues of christian kings (such as the one in of Alfred in Winchester) often show them holding up a downwards pointing sword - forming a christian cross.

click to enlarge image - notice the Irminsul embroidery 

This Hitler Youth flag shows some very interesting symbolism. This just one side of the banner - the other side depicted a Plough (again - Sword and Plough symbolism). I've not seen many references to this flag - (the swastika within the diamond tells us it was Hitler Youth) and I think it was home-made by party members. But what is really interesting is that in red (upon the red flag so that it is hard to see) is an embroidered Irminsul!