Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Change is the only constant!

The runes are part of the Aryan mindset, they are part of our DNA and as such they manifest in our culture in various and unlikely places!

Many people will be aware of the ‘Bluetooth’ function on mobile phones and laptop computers etc.

The name Bluetooth was the nickname of the Viking king Harald Gormsson.

The logo of the ‘Bluetooth’ function is one such example of how the runes have evolved in time and manifested in such a manner as to suit the day and age we live in. The Bluetooth logo is a rune binding from the letters H and B (for Harald Bluetooth)

This may be just a casual example of how the runes have progressed, but certainly a fitting one. For the runes are not confined to history, they will evolve and transform with time, and will manifest in a way that is fitting to this age. 

This is why historians and some individuals will never be able to grasp the true meanings of the runes – because they view them as a historical record, something from the past which can only be studied but never ‘felt’. They will never understand the runes as an aspect of our most inner spirit.