Saturday, 10 May 2014

Blut und Boden!

First coined in the late 1900's,  Blood and soil was the term used by Walter Darre’s agricultural movement in National Socialist Germany. Since then the term has become synonymous with his movement – and for good reason! 

Blood and Soil
is the ultimate expression of
National Socialism!

The rune Darre used for his movement was the Erda rune. The Erda is the rune of the Earth (the only planet in our solar system with a Germanic name!) Here we see an excellent example of how the runes have developed and taken on new deeper meanings. The Erda rune evolved from the Odal rune, however the ‘legs’ now bend back up, and the initiate sees new meaning! As part of the Artaman and the Ahnenerbe, Darre himself had studied runelore – and understood full well the meaning of this rune when he chose it as his emblem!
The Erda rune is a female counter to the  Ear/Cweorth rune. The rune of the Earth-Mother (Erda) who embraces the Sky-Father (Woden)