Monday, 3 March 2014

Walter Darré's  rune binding

This binding is taken from Darré's own  crest - pictures of which can be seen at the new Wewelsburg museum.

Through leadership and conviction 
Preservation of the divine order

My sister IIse sent this to me

The binding is complex, and information regarding the emblem is hard to find in the English speaking world. I have seen modern National Socialists (in Hungary) using the same emblem, though I believe they have probably taken their inspiration from  Darré, after all, many of the symbols from our Germanic history and pre history are banned in many parts of Europe. One explanation of the symbol is that it is a binding using the Sieg and Opfer runes - which would give the binding a meaning of 'Victory and Sacrifice'.

Opfer - Offering or Sacrifice in German
Sieg - Victory

The binding lays within a Ouroboros.

Below are some photos from Darrés grave including a close up of the emblem.