Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Whirlwind - Arevakhach - Wirbelrad

Arevakhach (Armenian Sun Cross)

This is a pagan symbol found in Armenia. The Armenian's regard themselves an Aryan folk - and even provided Himmler with an armed SS unit - the Stab Waffen-Gruppe Armenien. The collar design for this unit was a Sword and the Arevakhach.

Armenian collar patch with the pagan Arevakhach sunwheel

This symbol reminds me of a very similar pagan sunwheel which is found in our Germanic lands-  and no doubt the two signs have a shared Aryan history - that of the Wirbelrad - the Whirlwind or Vortex sunwheel.

These examples are from Runestones found in Gotland - 

The use of the pagan Sunwheel is not unusual within National Socialist movements. National Socialism was a Sun Worshipping movement, and the use of our ancestral sun symbols is only natural for National Socialist minded Volk. In Galicia (Spainish Region) - Galician National Socialist use yet another variant on this Sunwheel - a three armed Wirbelrad, a symbol of the Galician region.