Sunday, 2 March 2014

The SS-Ehrenring (Official name)
TheTotenkopf ring (common name)

Instantly recognisable - the Death's Head or 'Honour' silver ring worn by the SS. The runes on the ring were chosen by Himmler on Wiliguts advice. Himmler was also responsible for the Oak leaf wreath, claiming that the Oak was a traditional German leaf.

The centre piece of the ring was the Death's Head skull of which Himmler wrote - 

[the Totenkopf is to] "remind us that we should be ready at any time to lay down our lives for the good of the Germanic people"

Notice Himmler states Germanic people, and not German. Himmler was never interested in 'national' identity (in the political or civic sense)- for him the notion of 'nation' was centred around Race. Many historians attempt to mock Himmlers SS because they had non-German soldiers, but they are the ones who miss the point! For the National Socialists - the state owed everything to the Volk. Places like Austria and the Sudeten never 'became' German through invasion or occupation, but had always been German through Blood. 

Next is the Sieg (Sig) rune, the rune of the Sun and of Victory. Flanking either side of the Death's Head these formed two Sieg runes - the double SS of the Schutzstaffel.

Himmler writes of the rings Sieg runes - "the two Sig-Runes stand for the name of our SS"

We have seen the meaning of the Hagal rune in earlier posts. The Rune of Health and wholeness.

 Of the ring's Hagal rune, Himmler states the symbolism represents the "unshakable faith in the ultimate victory of our philosophy".

Heilszeichen - This is the name for the rune binding on the opposite side from the Death's Head - and which meant 'signs of salvation'

The first rune is the Gibor rune, then a rune binding of the Os and Tyr runes - spelling GOT - meaning God.
In many of Wiliguts work he combines all three runes into one single binding. On the ring the double SS runes are joined to form the single Gibor rune, as below -

Cover of the 'Secret King' which shows the three runes in a single binding.