Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Bismarck Black Sun

Many of our readers will know of the Black Sun mosaic that can be found at the Wewelsburg castle. And being such an important symbol, it will certainly be covered in our posts in the future. But not so many folk will be aware that there are other examples of the Black Sun that were used in Germany - with this example being found at the Bismarck Memorial in Hamburg.

Inside the structure around the base and plinth is eight chambers. It is in these chambers we find numerous National Socialist and Volkisch symbols.

Sword and Wreath

Prussian Eagle

German Eagle - though the Swastika has been removed / painted over

The Coat of Arms of the Bismarck family

Eight armed Black Sun with Swastika  - perhaps to represent the eight chambers? 

This design is based on the early Alemmanic sunwheels