Tuesday, 11 March 2014


The Rune of Movement - Radiance - the Radical.

National Socialism was a Radical movement. The word 'Radical' has its roots in the Proto Indo- European *rad  - meaning something with ROOTS. To be radical means you have roots. National Socialism is rooted in the Blood of Aryan Man, and the Soil of Aryan Land.

In the Germanic rune rows we see how the Rad rune is a rune of Journey and to travel - connecting the Rad to  Road. This is furthered by the word Rad meaning wheel in German. We often translate Sonnen-rad into Sun-Wheel - but its true meaning is much deeper - it is the Suns Journey. We also find that *rad is the root of words like rotate, radiate, radio, radiance etc. This is the journey of the Sun as she Rotates and Radiates her light and warmth upon the Earth!

The Sonnen-Rad  - the Sun Wheel

The Swastika - a symbol of Radiance
the sign of the Radical

Both these symbols represent the Rad - both have rotation and both signify the radiance of the Sun. The swastika will always invoke the most extremes of responses -  for the Swastika is the most Radical of signs.