Monday, 3 March 2014

Otto Gahr's pagan inspired jewellery

Otto Gahr was a silversmith responsible for much of the jewellery worn by the National Socialists. He was the sole provider of the Honour (Totenkopf) ring, as well as the Metal Eagle on the "Deutschland Erwache" standard. 

This photo is from the Wewelsburg museum.

All four silver pieces are were produced by Otto Gahr.

The first two are fine examples of Germanic sunwheel art
The third is a beautiful piece that combines the swastika with rotating horses heads - a piece based on Indo-Germanic myth

The fourth pendant is a rune from the Anglo-Saxon futhark - the Gar rune.

reproduction pendant -
(this photo shows the design more clearly)

The Gar Rune symbolises the Spear of Woden. In Wodenist circles the rune is a binding between the Ing rune and the Gift rune - making the Spear a Gift from Ing. Ing is the Anglo Saxon name for Frey.

◊ Ing rune
x Gift rune

Here we have two versions of Viking Longship inspired brooches.
On the right is a very heavy looking Thor's Hammer.

Again, all these pieces were made at Gahr at his Munich business.

This pencil study by Wolf Willrich shows a German girl wearing a similar hammer.