Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Himmler's Thor's Hammer

Gahr produced silver hammer. 

Further to my original piece on Himmler's Thor's Hammer - a kinsman has emailed me some interesting information on this hammer.

The Hammer was originally to be auctioned by Herman Historica back in 2011, with a reserve price of 45000 Euro. However the item was pulled from auction a few days before bidding was due to start.

It is a fact that the GAHR silversmith company produced this style of small hammer and it is known that Himmler presented them to people (especially to women and children). The piece in question probably is an original Gahr piece given to Macher but not Himmler's personal hammer. Himmler wore the heavier detailed version as shown in the pages of the Gahr book and replica in the Wewelsburg museum. Himmler's example was slightly larger than the replica in the museum. There is only one original Gahr (heavier detailed) hammer known to exist. Himmler's personal Hammer still exists today, its whereabouts kept confidential.