Sunday, 30 March 2014

Further to my post on the Dutch Wolfsangel adopted by English Nationalists - 

This example is the creation of the Englisc Gateway - on online forum for the English community.

It uses the Dutch wolfsangel, along with a parallel of  David Lane's WOTAN (Will Of The Aryan Nation), but changed to WODEN

The 33 runes of the English rune-row are of course part Frisian (and made complete by the time it reached Northumbria) - and the English absorbed a lot of Frisian blood during the Anglo-Saxon migrations.  The word Dutch is itself a distortion of the word Deutsch. One theory is that many Germanic folk that were heading to Britain during and after the Englisc migration, settled in the Low countries instead of crossing the English Channel .

England's place is in Germania!