Monday, 3 March 2014

Further hidden symbolism within the Honour Ring

Inside each SS ring there is an inscription -it reads the Name of whom the ring was to be given, a date and 'H Himmler'.

The dates on the rings were significant, as they recorded  when the rings were given out by Himmler as gifts, and only on certain memorable dates did this celebration take place. For example, early in the NS period, on the 24th December 1933, rings were given to numerous SS members including Franz Schwarz (SS Treasurer), Karl Wolff (Head of Himmler's staff) Walter Darre (Reich Minister for Food and Agriculture). So their rings were inscribed with their name and the date 24.12.33. Other dates included - 30:6:34 (Roehms purge). 7.3.36 (Re-militarisation of the Rhineland) etc. But from 13th September 1936 Himmler decreed that only four dates would appear inside the rings.

The significance and  symbolism should be apparent to all National Socialists!

20 April
21 June
9 November
21 December

These days are held sacred to National Socialists.