Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Are you ashamed to be "strange"? Afraid to be called heathens? When you Christians have finished burying your god in the sky - come to us; we heathens will again show you the Creator. And do not think we have settled accounts with you Christians. We weigh silently - but we do not weigh with false weights.

Wulf Sörensen
We know the 'The Voice of our Ancestors' was penned under a pseudo-name - most people believing Sörensen to be Himmler. There are some parallels in the book that mirror some of Himmlers speeches -  for example the use of 'We Gentiles'. I originally credited the work to Himmler myself.

Below is a signed copy of the book - and I must say that the handwriting does not seem to be that of Himmlers - which was very bold and quite gothic in style. I cannot find a copy of Frithjof Fischers handwriting to compare, but this evidence would  certainly confirm either whether the work was by Himmler or not.

Wulf Sörensen

is this Himmlers hand?  The word 'Wulf' certainly doesn't resemble Himmlers style - but whoever did write The Voice - it is an important work, and I recommend all our visitors to read it!