Sunday, 30 March 2014

Further to my post on the Dutch Wolfsangel adopted by English Nationalists - 

This example is the creation of the Englisc Gateway - on online forum for the English community.

It uses the Dutch wolfsangel, along with a parallel of  David Lane's WOTAN (Will Of The Aryan Nation), but changed to WODEN

The 33 runes of the English rune-row are of course part Frisian (and made complete by the time it reached Northumbria) - and the English absorbed a lot of Frisian blood during the Anglo-Saxon migrations.  The word Dutch is itself a distortion of the word Deutsch. One theory is that many Germanic folk that were heading to Britain during and after the Englisc migration, settled in the Low countries instead of crossing the English Channel .

England's place is in Germania!

Friday, 28 March 2014

Noble and White!

As we've seen in the previous post how the Cornflower is the emblem of Germanic Volk, many from the mountain regions adopted the Edelweiss as their 'national' flower, including the Germanic folk of Austria. Numerous National Socialist Mountain regiments included the Edelweiss as regimental insignia.

The origins of the word 'Edelweiss' are the same as that of the Edel (Odal) rune - which means Noble.
Weiss is German for White, thus Noble and White! 

Edel is also the root of the word Adolf - which means Noble Wolf!

The Cornflower

Many countries have 'national flowers' - and the Cornflower is not only the national flower of Germany, but also the flower of Germanic Folk - Volksdeutsche, which means 'Racial German' - someone of Germanic Blood. As a result it has become the emblem for many Germanic cultural organisations found outside Germany, such as the Cornflower above - which is the emblem of the German American Steuben Parade.

The Cornflower also became the emblem for the VDU - a National Socialist organisation who supported German cultural relations abroad, for the same reasons.

Many Volksdeutsche served in the German armed forces during WW2 - including many Volkdeutsche from Hungary. Most served in the 22nd SS Volunteer Cavalry Division Maria Theresia - and again adopted the Cornflower as the unit insignia. 

Thursday, 20 March 2014

A happy Equinox  to you all!

Some images of spring and our young
to welcome back the Strength of the Sun!

Hail the New Dawn!

Monday, 17 March 2014


Tyr (Tiw) is the God of War - a Sky God and also a Sword God. His rune became the emblem for the Reich Leadership School (Reichsführerschule).

The Tyr Rune emblem was only awarded to successful graduates of the schools and was worn on the left arm of the party uniform, above the swastika armband. 

According to the Third Reich publication 'Woher Stammen Die Runen?' (Where do the Runes Come From?) by Karl Theodor Weigel this was the rune of 'Higher knowledge and militant bearing' thus the rune was a perfect emblem for the school!

Our Socialism
Your Future!

An excellent example of the Wolf Hook on this Dutch National Socialist poster.

I would encourage all Volkisch Runology readers to read  this excellent article on National Socialism here

I often see this example of Wolf Hook - with the upright stave and pointed ends - used by English Nationalists. Its origins are with the Dutch National Socialists (Nationaal-Socialistische Beweging in Nederland), some examples below.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Heil und Sieg!

The belt buckle has always been an important part of Germanic ritual garb. Many pre-NS groups in Germany took to making their own, by riveting designs and motto's on otherwise plain buckles.

The importance of the buckle comes from the esoteric side of National Socialism - the belief that life resides in the Blood - for the buckle lays over an important Chakra around the navel area- one that has influence over blood.

In the above home made buckle we see a runebinding with the Hail rune and Sieg rune - Sieg Heil!

This detailed picture is taken from the works of Miguel Serrano label the Charkras 

Friday, 14 March 2014

The rise of Widukind!

The White Horse of Kent probably has its origins in the Hanover White Horse of the Old Saxons. The National Socialists gave high praise to the Old Saxons and honoured their war dead as National Heroes and Martyrs. One of these pagan Saxon heroes was Widukind.

Widukind lead the pagan Saxons against the Frankish Charlemagne,  in what is know as the Saxon Wars, which were fought around 777 - 785 CE.  Little is known about Widukind - even his name is a title meaning 'Child of the Woods'. What is recorded about Widukind is from the Annals of 777CE which records he was the only Saxon chieftain that never attended Charlemagne's court and instead sort refuge with the Danish King Sigurd Hring. On his return he lead the Saxons in open revolt against the Christian Franks.

Legends of Widukind's conversion to christianity on his death bed are of course from christian  books so it is unknown if he was ever a willing convert. However - to National Socialists he will always be remembered as the pagan Saxon how fought against the alien and invasive christians.

Above - the symbolism in this statue is clear - a weak and defeated Widukind clutches a bible compared to this proud pagan Widukind below 

Alfred Rosenberg once declared it was Widukind who should be remembered as The Great - whilst Charlemagnes title show become the Slaughterer.

Himmler also had the greatest of respect for Widukind, and it was Himmler (supported by the openly pagan Darre and Rosenberg) who ordered the construction of the Sachsenhain - The Saxon Grove - a huge monument consisting of 4500 huge boulders (all supplied from neighbouring farmland) each boulder representing one of the 4500 Saxons who was beheaded (by Karl the Slaughterer at Verden) for refusing to give up their faith in the Old Gods.

Sachsenhain - 1937

Sachsenhain was built between 1934 to 1936 and designed by Himmler's architect  William Hübotter

The Sachsenhain today

This translation of an original Third Reich publication introduces the reader with a small description of the book, warning the reader to expect a natural bias in favour of Widukind!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Whirlwind - Arevakhach - Wirbelrad

Arevakhach (Armenian Sun Cross)

This is a pagan symbol found in Armenia. The Armenian's regard themselves an Aryan folk - and even provided Himmler with an armed SS unit - the Stab Waffen-Gruppe Armenien. The collar design for this unit was a Sword and the Arevakhach.

Armenian collar patch with the pagan Arevakhach sunwheel

This symbol reminds me of a very similar pagan sunwheel which is found in our Germanic lands-  and no doubt the two signs have a shared Aryan history - that of the Wirbelrad - the Whirlwind or Vortex sunwheel.

These examples are from Runestones found in Gotland - 

The use of the pagan Sunwheel is not unusual within National Socialist movements. National Socialism was a Sun Worshipping movement, and the use of our ancestral sun symbols is only natural for National Socialist minded Volk. In Galicia (Spainish Region) - Galician National Socialist use yet another variant on this Sunwheel - a three armed Wirbelrad, a symbol of the Galician region.

The Bismarck Black Sun

Many of our readers will know of the Black Sun mosaic that can be found at the Wewelsburg castle. And being such an important symbol, it will certainly be covered in our posts in the future. But not so many folk will be aware that there are other examples of the Black Sun that were used in Germany - with this example being found at the Bismarck Memorial in Hamburg.

Inside the structure around the base and plinth is eight chambers. It is in these chambers we find numerous National Socialist and Volkisch symbols.

Sword and Wreath

Prussian Eagle

German Eagle - though the Swastika has been removed / painted over

The Coat of Arms of the Bismarck family

Eight armed Black Sun with Swastika  - perhaps to represent the eight chambers? 

This design is based on the early Alemmanic sunwheels 

Himmler's Thor's Hammer

Gahr produced silver hammer. 

Further to my original piece on Himmler's Thor's Hammer - a kinsman has emailed me some interesting information on this hammer.

The Hammer was originally to be auctioned by Herman Historica back in 2011, with a reserve price of 45000 Euro. However the item was pulled from auction a few days before bidding was due to start.

It is a fact that the GAHR silversmith company produced this style of small hammer and it is known that Himmler presented them to people (especially to women and children). The piece in question probably is an original Gahr piece given to Macher but not Himmler's personal hammer. Himmler wore the heavier detailed version as shown in the pages of the Gahr book and replica in the Wewelsburg museum. Himmler's example was slightly larger than the replica in the museum. There is only one original Gahr (heavier detailed) hammer known to exist. Himmler's personal Hammer still exists today, its whereabouts kept confidential.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

"The Swastika will be our Salvation on Earth"  Hitler Youth marching song

The Hitler Youth had its origins in the German Youth Movement and in the Lebensreform movements of Germany - who sort a healthier and more organic lifestyle. It is of no surprise that the head of this pagan youth movement shared his name with the God of Youth and of the Radiance of the Sun! Baldur von Schirach!

Peace and Courage!


The Rune of Movement - Radiance - the Radical.

National Socialism was a Radical movement. The word 'Radical' has its roots in the Proto Indo- European *rad  - meaning something with ROOTS. To be radical means you have roots. National Socialism is rooted in the Blood of Aryan Man, and the Soil of Aryan Land.

In the Germanic rune rows we see how the Rad rune is a rune of Journey and to travel - connecting the Rad to  Road. This is furthered by the word Rad meaning wheel in German. We often translate Sonnen-rad into Sun-Wheel - but its true meaning is much deeper - it is the Suns Journey. We also find that *rad is the root of words like rotate, radiate, radio, radiance etc. This is the journey of the Sun as she Rotates and Radiates her light and warmth upon the Earth!

The Sonnen-Rad  - the Sun Wheel

The Swastika - a symbol of Radiance
the sign of the Radical

Both these symbols represent the Rad - both have rotation and both signify the radiance of the Sun. The swastika will always invoke the most extremes of responses -  for the Swastika is the most Radical of signs.

 "...give us the strength that we may retain our liberty for our children and our children's children, not only for ourselves but also for the other peoples of Europe, for this is a war which we all wage, this time, not for our German people alone, it is a war for all of Europe and with it, in the long run, for all of mankind."

Adolf Hitler

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Erda rune banner

Many SS units adopted runes as their ensign, but only soldiers of Germanic blood were allowed to wear the Double Sig rune emblem of the SS.

This picture shows a wonderful Erda (Odal variation) Rune banner - the emblem of the 7th SS Volunteer Mountain Division Prinz Eugen.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Are you ashamed to be "strange"? Afraid to be called heathens? When you Christians have finished burying your god in the sky - come to us; we heathens will again show you the Creator. And do not think we have settled accounts with you Christians. We weigh silently - but we do not weigh with false weights.

Wulf Sörensen
We know the 'The Voice of our Ancestors' was penned under a pseudo-name - most people believing Sörensen to be Himmler. There are some parallels in the book that mirror some of Himmlers speeches -  for example the use of 'We Gentiles'. I originally credited the work to Himmler myself.

Below is a signed copy of the book - and I must say that the handwriting does not seem to be that of Himmlers - which was very bold and quite gothic in style. I cannot find a copy of Frithjof Fischers handwriting to compare, but this evidence would  certainly confirm either whether the work was by Himmler or not.

Wulf Sörensen

is this Himmlers hand?  The word 'Wulf' certainly doesn't resemble Himmlers style - but whoever did write The Voice - it is an important work, and I recommend all our visitors to read it!