Monday, 24 February 2014

Walther Darré

Ricardo Walther Oscar Darré  was an SS-Obergruppenführer and one of the leading National Socialist "Blood and Soil"  ideologists. He served as Reichsminister of Food and Agriculture from 1933 to 1942.

Considered to be the 'Father of the Greens' both Darré and his wife were devout pagans. Darré was responsible for numerous NS publications, his most famous being Odal - which was also the emblem of the Food and Agriculture department, takes it name from the rune Odal - the rune of Blood and Soil, Family, inheritance.

two examples of the Odal publication

The Odal rune. Also called Edel, Ethel, Odel etc. 

The roots of its name lay in the Proto IE *at-al which means 'race' or 'family'.
As a rune of Race - this is one of the most widely used runes in Volkisch circles.

Wiking Jugend with their Odal rune banner

Germanic girls with Flemish flags and runic 
(namely Lebensrune, Odal and Sunwheel) flags. 

Darré championed the rural cause and was the Reich's Peasant Leader. He saw that the  Anerbenrecht (the right of families to inherit farmland) laws were protected, and that small farms, (unlike today) were given full support  via state loans and living wages. Darré believed these inherited and small community farms (called Erbhofs) were the key to German identity.

The Iron Erbhof signs were displayed on inherited Farms.

The Nordic word for farmer is Bonde, and this word shares its origins with words like Bund, Bind, Bound etc.  We can see from this how our ancestors were 'Bound' to the earth. This was a mystical link forged by working the land over many generations. The soil is strengthen by the work and toil of the farmer, and the Earth feeds the community in return - this is the true meaning of Blood and Soil. A sacred union between the land of our Ancestors, the Spirit of the Earth, and the promise of future generation that the land will support.