Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Spiral

The Spiral was a decorative element that many German silversmiths added to their jewellery. Here are some fine examples of beautifully crafted pieces - all depicting the Spiral design.

What is the importance of the Spiral as a symbol to National Socialists?

The first aspect is the root of the word 'Spiral', which is from the Proto Indo- European *sper- to turn, twist: to coil or wind. This root gives us the word spiral, spirit, inspire, respiration etc. We see here a connection between Spirit, movement and breath. In modern English we find that the words ‘wind’ (movement of air, to catch your wind, to breath) and to ‘wind’ (wind up a clock, to turn a spring) also contain the same idea. Thus the Spiral becomes a one armed Swastika.

The root ‘spira’ also gives us the word fire. This is the ‘Divine Fire’ that burns inside the Aryan spirit.

 The Flame that never dies! 

The second aspect of the Spiral is that it symbolises the journey  the sun takes during the yearly cycle. As Sun-worshippers, the cycle of the Sun became an important part of NS ritual. The Solstices became national holidays, and the Hitler Youth a pagan organisation.

HJ members leaping over the Sonnenwendfeuer or Solstice Fire - a re-enactment of an ancient Germanic ritual.

We can see the Sun-Spiral in the above picture.
A - the sun rises on the winter solstice.
B - Every day the hours of sunlight increase - the cycle of the sun increases as the Earths axis tilt towards the sun. We head towards our summer.
C - This continues throughout the year, with an increasing amount of sunlight each day until;
D - the Summer solstice, when the Sun is at her highest and strongest. The cycle is then reversed as the tilt of the Earth moves away from the Sun andcontinues until it starts over on the Winter Solstice. This pattern is recorded as a spiral. 

The Swastika itself represents the centre of a four armed spiral - forever rotating and expanding - the Swastika is a sign of Creation! In Nordic mythology as Mundalfore turns the world mill he turns the universe so that it expands outwards. When he turns the world mill the opposite way, the universe contracts. Thunors hammer shares the same symbolism. As an anti-sunwise Swastika – it is a hammer of destruction and compulsion. As a sunwise turning swastika it becomes a hammer for creation and expansion. We find a good example of these rotation/spiral forces in action on Jupiter (the Roman name for Thunor of course). As Jupiter rotates one way, its famous Red Storm (which has got to be perfect symbolism for Thunor) rotates in the opposite direction!