Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Peasant Salute!

In this woodcut print, by SA member Georg Sluyterman, we see how the German National Socialists championed the values of the German Peasantry. 

The picture shows a German Peasant from around 1525 - time of the Peasant Revolts. In his left hand he holds the banner of the German Peasant - the Bundschuh. The Bundschuh was a peasant shoe fashioned from a single piece of leather, tied around the ankle. The importance of the Bundschuh as a symbol was in its etymology, as it contained the word 'Bund' - which means to bind or come together in union. The National Socialist Farmers periodical was named the Bundschuh.

The peasants right hand is raised in the Peasant Salute - the two forefingers and thumb, creating a Life Rune. This Salute was used when swearing oaths and was revived by the National Socialists.

Copy of the Bundschuh newspaper, a National Socialist paper that championed the rural class.

Members of the SS swear an oath. Their left hand laid upon a sword - their right hand raised in the Peasant Salute.