Monday, 17 February 2014


If the life rune is represented by a stave with upright arms, its only right that its opposite should represent Death.

Yr (Armanen) 
Calc (Anglo Saxon) 

The 'Death' rune can represent the Yew tree. The stave is its trunk and the limbs represent the trees branches. As this ancient tree was often found at pagan temples where Christians later built their churches, the Yew became associated with graveyards. The Anglo-Saxon Calc can refer to the chalice, and in esoteric circles Kalki the Avenger. Many equate the Avatar Kalki with Hitler. 

When the National Socialists decided to replace the Christian headstones with Pagan runes in the military cemeteries (which was far more fitting for the Warriors of the Waffen SS) there was at first an uncertainty as to which runes to use. In the end it was Himmler himself who decided to use the Yr-Death rune, but earlier graves were marked with Man (Life) and Tyr runes.   

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