Monday, 10 February 2014

Mannaz - Indo-Germanic Man and Racial Law

In the Aryan legends we find a figure who is the  progenitor of humanity - a figure whose name is 'Man'.

In the earliest myths we find he is called Manu - the 7th incarnation of the Aryan god Brahma. Manu was king during the time of a great flood and led the Aryan peoples to safety. It is said that his banner was a Golden Swastika upon a blue field - the Golden Sun in the Blue Sky. His wife was called Sanjnâ and he earned the title Satyavrata ("One with the oath of truth") because of his Honesty and Honour. Manu's teachings are recorded in  Laws of Manu or Manava Dharma Shastra. Manu is the god who introduced the Caste system in India - Racial Law.

In our Germanic myths we find the same figure of Manu, but he is known as Mannus. Mannus is the son of the God Tuisto, and Mannus himself was the father of three Germanic tribes - the Ingaevones, the Herminones and the Istvaeones. 

Mannus is described in one poem as being the father to both Odin and Frey, but he is most often equated with Rig, or Heimdall, who also fathered the castes of Man. His rune is the Man rune 

We must Secure the existence of our Race and a future for White children 

- This famous slogan, which is used by right wing circles was made popular by David Lane - known as the '14 words' it is a saying based upon the words of Heinrich Himmler, who once stated -

We must secure the existence of the Reich and a future for Germanic children.

Mannaz can thus be seen as the Rune of Racial Law. In the Younger Futhark 'Man' is the 14th rune.

We also find another twist with this racial rune. The last Avatar to appear whose teachings were of Race was the Divine Manu Adolf Hitler. The signature often used by National Socialists, the '88' was in fact originally used by National Socialist Wehrwolves, just shortly after the Second World War ended, however in the rune rows we find Wunjo as always being the 8th rune.

Mannaz, two wunjo runes facing
Wunjo, the 8th rune becomes