Friday, 7 February 2014

Man rune 

This is the Armanen Man rune. It is clear how the rune depicts the image of Aryan Man. Upright and Noble - his arms open, welcoming the Light of a New Dawn. We know this rune by many names - the Life Rune, the Tree of Life,  (also Algiz and Elhaz).

In this rune we see the true spirit of the Aryan. We stand upright and with open arms. This is the stance we take when we give thanks to our Gods and to the Sun. What kind of religion would have us cower on the floor in front of our maker? 

When we face our gods or welcome the sun, we do so as equals. They give us life!  And as Nietzsche said 

“Pagans are all those who say yes to life!” 

These paintings (in my opinion) best reflect how man stands before god.

Die Heilige Stunde (the Holy Hour) by Ludwig Fahrenkrog – 1918

Lichtgebet (Light-prayer) by Fidus 

The Man rune was widely used throughout National Socialist Germany. And it is no wonder really as to why! As a sign of life and spirit, of health and wholeness it reflected the NS Worldview perfectly! This example  is from an anti-smoking campaign which was launched by the National Socialists. Germany was well ahead of their time in linking ill health and smoking. For those interested in the positive actions Germany took in fighting cancer - have a search for the excellent book 'The Nazi War on Cancer' by Robert N Proctor.  

Modern use of the Life Rune - but its meaning remains unchanged.
Life - Openness - Freedom.