Monday, 17 February 2014

Adolf Hitler - 

We are born to fight because we come from the fight!

Two runes lay upon the shields that support the sword.

Beorc (Bar)  and  Tiw (Tyr) - the runes of Birth and Struggle.

The Beorc rune is a powerful rune that can be used as a blessing for pregnant women. It symbolises the goddess Berkano -the goddess of the Birch tree and new Birth. The rune is symbolic of her swollen belly and swollen breast.

Motherhood was sacred to our Germanic forefathers. One of our holiest days being Mothers' Night, a blessing to the goddesses and the Norns. The National Socialists continued this respect for women, and the Reich passed many laws to protected the rights of motherhood. One thing the Reich did was to encourage women to leave the workforce. Today's liberals like to shout how unequal and oppressive this action was - however, liberalism often makes the mistake of confusing equality with uniformity. No person is better able to raise a healthy child, as a healthy mother - something which can never be achieved whilst working in a factory! Another right was the protection of a mother to breastfeed her child - a right that is so often frowned upon in today's perverted society. Women could even donate breast milk to young mothers and nursery-nurses.

Woman with two children in front of the Breast Milk Collection Site of the Health Office in Berlin-Wilmersdorf (1936). The sign reads - ' Counseling Center for the Care of Heredity and Race.'

In the Peord rune - which often symbolises 'chance' we see how the rune reflects the position of the baby as they develop in their mothers womb - this rune is really the 'chance of life' rune. As National Socialist we always endeavour to protect the unborn and the right to life.  List himself used the Odal rune to symbolise the womb.

Holy to us is the blood
of every good mother