Friday, 28 February 2014

In my State the mother is the first citizen.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Walther Darré

Ricardo Walther Oscar Darré  was an SS-Obergruppenführer and one of the leading National Socialist "Blood and Soil"  ideologists. He served as Reichsminister of Food and Agriculture from 1933 to 1942.

Considered to be the 'Father of the Greens' both Darré and his wife were devout pagans. Darré was responsible for numerous NS publications, his most famous being Odal - which was also the emblem of the Food and Agriculture department, takes it name from the rune Odal - the rune of Blood and Soil, Family, inheritance.

two examples of the Odal publication

The Odal rune. Also called Edel, Ethel, Odel etc. 

The roots of its name lay in the Proto IE *at-al which means 'race' or 'family'.
As a rune of Race - this is one of the most widely used runes in Volkisch circles.

Wiking Jugend with their Odal rune banner

Germanic girls with Flemish flags and runic 
(namely Lebensrune, Odal and Sunwheel) flags. 

Darré championed the rural cause and was the Reich's Peasant Leader. He saw that the  Anerbenrecht (the right of families to inherit farmland) laws were protected, and that small farms, (unlike today) were given full support  via state loans and living wages. Darré believed these inherited and small community farms (called Erbhofs) were the key to German identity.

The Iron Erbhof signs were displayed on inherited Farms.

The Nordic word for farmer is Bonde, and this word shares its origins with words like Bund, Bind, Bound etc.  We can see from this how our ancestors were 'Bound' to the earth. This was a mystical link forged by working the land over many generations. The soil is strengthen by the work and toil of the farmer, and the Earth feeds the community in return - this is the true meaning of Blood and Soil. A sacred union between the land of our Ancestors, the Spirit of the Earth, and the promise of future generation that the land will support. 

Monday, 17 February 2014


If the life rune is represented by a stave with upright arms, its only right that its opposite should represent Death.

Yr (Armanen) 
Calc (Anglo Saxon) 

The 'Death' rune can represent the Yew tree. The stave is its trunk and the limbs represent the trees branches. As this ancient tree was often found at pagan temples where Christians later built their churches, the Yew became associated with graveyards. The Anglo-Saxon Calc can refer to the chalice, and in esoteric circles Kalki the Avenger. Many equate the Avatar Kalki with Hitler. 

When the National Socialists decided to replace the Christian headstones with Pagan runes in the military cemeteries (which was far more fitting for the Warriors of the Waffen SS) there was at first an uncertainty as to which runes to use. In the end it was Himmler himself who decided to use the Yr-Death rune, but earlier graves were marked with Man (Life) and Tyr runes.   

I once had a comrade

Adolf Hitler - 

We are born to fight because we come from the fight!

Two runes lay upon the shields that support the sword.

Beorc (Bar)  and  Tiw (Tyr) - the runes of Birth and Struggle.

The Beorc rune is a powerful rune that can be used as a blessing for pregnant women. It symbolises the goddess Berkano -the goddess of the Birch tree and new Birth. The rune is symbolic of her swollen belly and swollen breast.

Motherhood was sacred to our Germanic forefathers. One of our holiest days being Mothers' Night, a blessing to the goddesses and the Norns. The National Socialists continued this respect for women, and the Reich passed many laws to protected the rights of motherhood. One thing the Reich did was to encourage women to leave the workforce. Today's liberals like to shout how unequal and oppressive this action was - however, liberalism often makes the mistake of confusing equality with uniformity. No person is better able to raise a healthy child, as a healthy mother - something which can never be achieved whilst working in a factory! Another right was the protection of a mother to breastfeed her child - a right that is so often frowned upon in today's perverted society. Women could even donate breast milk to young mothers and nursery-nurses.

Woman with two children in front of the Breast Milk Collection Site of the Health Office in Berlin-Wilmersdorf (1936). The sign reads - ' Counseling Center for the Care of Heredity and Race.'

In the Peord rune - which often symbolises 'chance' we see how the rune reflects the position of the baby as they develop in their mothers womb - this rune is really the 'chance of life' rune. As National Socialist we always endeavour to protect the unborn and the right to life.  List himself used the Odal rune to symbolise the womb.

Holy to us is the blood
of every good mother

Ar - Man runebinding

The Artaman League (Artamanen-Gesellschaft) was a German agrarian and völkisch movement dedicated to Blood and Soil, which was an original part of the Lebensreform movement. Active during the inter-war period, the League became closely linked to the NSDAP. Heinrich Himmler had himself been a member of the Artaman, and first met Darre during this time. The Artaman League was founded by Dr. Willibald Hentschel, an anti-Semitic and anti-Slavic nationalist who believed in racial purity and had founded his own group, the Mittgart Society, in 1906.

The name Artaman derived from the old German ‘art’ and ‘manen’ meaning 'agriculture man', and their logo was a runebinding of the Ar and Man runes and resembles the Wende-Horn binding. Below is the Artaman logo in traditional Aryan colours- Gold on Blue, with the Great Plough constellation pointing to the North Star.

As part of the Artaman ethos, the League promoted healthy eating, non smoking and a back to the land work ethic, as well as alternative and herbal healing and nudity. 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Peasant Salute!

In this woodcut print, by SA member Georg Sluyterman, we see how the German National Socialists championed the values of the German Peasantry. 

The picture shows a German Peasant from around 1525 - time of the Peasant Revolts. In his left hand he holds the banner of the German Peasant - the Bundschuh. The Bundschuh was a peasant shoe fashioned from a single piece of leather, tied around the ankle. The importance of the Bundschuh as a symbol was in its etymology, as it contained the word 'Bund' - which means to bind or come together in union. The National Socialist Farmers periodical was named the Bundschuh.

The peasants right hand is raised in the Peasant Salute - the two forefingers and thumb, creating a Life Rune. This Salute was used when swearing oaths and was revived by the National Socialists.

Copy of the Bundschuh newspaper, a National Socialist paper that championed the rural class.

Members of the SS swear an oath. Their left hand laid upon a sword - their right hand raised in the Peasant Salute.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Mannaz - Indo-Germanic Man and Racial Law

In the Aryan legends we find a figure who is the  progenitor of humanity - a figure whose name is 'Man'.

In the earliest myths we find he is called Manu - the 7th incarnation of the Aryan god Brahma. Manu was king during the time of a great flood and led the Aryan peoples to safety. It is said that his banner was a Golden Swastika upon a blue field - the Golden Sun in the Blue Sky. His wife was called Sanjnâ and he earned the title Satyavrata ("One with the oath of truth") because of his Honesty and Honour. Manu's teachings are recorded in  Laws of Manu or Manava Dharma Shastra. Manu is the god who introduced the Caste system in India - Racial Law.

In our Germanic myths we find the same figure of Manu, but he is known as Mannus. Mannus is the son of the God Tuisto, and Mannus himself was the father of three Germanic tribes - the Ingaevones, the Herminones and the Istvaeones. 

Mannus is described in one poem as being the father to both Odin and Frey, but he is most often equated with Rig, or Heimdall, who also fathered the castes of Man. His rune is the Man rune 

We must Secure the existence of our Race and a future for White children 

- This famous slogan, which is used by right wing circles was made popular by David Lane - known as the '14 words' it is a saying based upon the words of Heinrich Himmler, who once stated -

We must secure the existence of the Reich and a future for Germanic children.

Mannaz can thus be seen as the Rune of Racial Law. In the Younger Futhark 'Man' is the 14th rune.

We also find another twist with this racial rune. The last Avatar to appear whose teachings were of Race was the Divine Manu Adolf Hitler. The signature often used by National Socialists, the '88' was in fact originally used by National Socialist Wehrwolves, just shortly after the Second World War ended, however in the rune rows we find Wunjo as always being the 8th rune.

Mannaz, two wunjo runes facing
Wunjo, the 8th rune becomes 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Earth that did this food bestow,
Sun that made it riper grow,
Dearest Sun and dearest Earth,
Never will I forget their worth.

Heilige Erda! Heilige Sunna!

The Spiral

The Spiral was a decorative element that many German silversmiths added to their jewellery. Here are some fine examples of beautifully crafted pieces - all depicting the Spiral design.

What is the importance of the Spiral as a symbol to National Socialists?

The first aspect is the root of the word 'Spiral', which is from the Proto Indo- European *sper- to turn, twist: to coil or wind. This root gives us the word spiral, spirit, inspire, respiration etc. We see here a connection between Spirit, movement and breath. In modern English we find that the words ‘wind’ (movement of air, to catch your wind, to breath) and to ‘wind’ (wind up a clock, to turn a spring) also contain the same idea. Thus the Spiral becomes a one armed Swastika.

The root ‘spira’ also gives us the word fire. This is the ‘Divine Fire’ that burns inside the Aryan spirit.

 The Flame that never dies! 

The second aspect of the Spiral is that it symbolises the journey  the sun takes during the yearly cycle. As Sun-worshippers, the cycle of the Sun became an important part of NS ritual. The Solstices became national holidays, and the Hitler Youth a pagan organisation.

HJ members leaping over the Sonnenwendfeuer or Solstice Fire - a re-enactment of an ancient Germanic ritual.

We can see the Sun-Spiral in the above picture.
A - the sun rises on the winter solstice.
B - Every day the hours of sunlight increase - the cycle of the sun increases as the Earths axis tilt towards the sun. We head towards our summer.
C - This continues throughout the year, with an increasing amount of sunlight each day until;
D - the Summer solstice, when the Sun is at her highest and strongest. The cycle is then reversed as the tilt of the Earth moves away from the Sun andcontinues until it starts over on the Winter Solstice. This pattern is recorded as a spiral. 

The Swastika itself represents the centre of a four armed spiral - forever rotating and expanding - the Swastika is a sign of Creation! In Nordic mythology as Mundalfore turns the world mill he turns the universe so that it expands outwards. When he turns the world mill the opposite way, the universe contracts. Thunors hammer shares the same symbolism. As an anti-sunwise Swastika – it is a hammer of destruction and compulsion. As a sunwise turning swastika it becomes a hammer for creation and expansion. We find a good example of these rotation/spiral forces in action on Jupiter (the Roman name for Thunor of course). As Jupiter rotates one way, its famous Red Storm (which has got to be perfect symbolism for Thunor) rotates in the opposite direction!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Man rune 

This is the Armanen Man rune. It is clear how the rune depicts the image of Aryan Man. Upright and Noble - his arms open, welcoming the Light of a New Dawn. We know this rune by many names - the Life Rune, the Tree of Life,  (also Algiz and Elhaz).

In this rune we see the true spirit of the Aryan. We stand upright and with open arms. This is the stance we take when we give thanks to our Gods and to the Sun. What kind of religion would have us cower on the floor in front of our maker? 

When we face our gods or welcome the sun, we do so as equals. They give us life!  And as Nietzsche said 

“Pagans are all those who say yes to life!” 

These paintings (in my opinion) best reflect how man stands before god.

Die Heilige Stunde (the Holy Hour) by Ludwig Fahrenkrog – 1918

Lichtgebet (Light-prayer) by Fidus 

The Man rune was widely used throughout National Socialist Germany. And it is no wonder really as to why! As a sign of life and spirit, of health and wholeness it reflected the NS Worldview perfectly! This example  is from an anti-smoking campaign which was launched by the National Socialists. Germany was well ahead of their time in linking ill health and smoking. For those interested in the positive actions Germany took in fighting cancer - have a search for the excellent book 'The Nazi War on Cancer' by Robert N Proctor.  

Modern use of the Life Rune - but its meaning remains unchanged.
Life - Openness - Freedom.