Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Heil Salute

Hail the Sun!


From the Proto-Indo European root  *s_l 

From this root we get the words Suel / Soul / Sol (Sun god) / Sole (single - One Sun!) Solar / Sawel / Sowilo / Sieg / Sail / Sigel / Salvation / Salute etc.


From the Proto-Germanic root *khailaz

Which gives us words like Halo / Hallow / Holy / Hello (greeting) / Hail / Heil / Heal / Health / Whole / Heilige / Heilen etc

From this it is clear the greeting 'Sieg Heil' derives from the ancient Germanic Sun-worship. To Salute was to sheild your eyes as you glazed upon Sunna, our Ario-Germanic Sun-goddess.

Savitri Devi - a Hindu and a National Socialist.

The official salute of the Olympics.