Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The curved swastika was always used as a sign for Life in NS Germany. It symbolised the warmth and growth of the sun. The Solstices (Sonnenwende) became national holidays...

Below are some examples for curved and rounded swastikas in use.

Sonnenwende 1939 - one of many Solstice 'tinnie' badges produced to celebrate the Summer Solstice.

Stunning Allach plate with curved sunwheel swastika and Lebesrune. The boarders decorated with Hagal runes.

The Hagal rune itself is a sign of health and healing.

Torch lit rally

The National Socialists Worldview was pro Nature and pro Living. This example is taken from a Hitler Youth educational book "Faith and Action" printed 1938 [translated by Calvin Education]


The divine is powerful in its creatures. It dwells not in walls that people build. They may be witnesses of its will, but god is in the living. §Our ancestors went into the forests to find or to honor god. They greeted his light rising in the morning. That was more to them than a lamp in a man’s hand. They stood on mountain tops because his greatest work, the starry sky, was nearest there, not covered by a roof of stone. The great spring flowing from the mountain was more genuine and nearer to god than anything that could flow from a bottle held by a human hand. §Who dares to say that they were not close to the living god? §Other peoples may seek refuge in the stone walls of their cities or seek their god in caves. The true German senses god with holy fear in the life of creation. He prays to god by honouring his great works. §Who dares to say that God is nearer to us in that which human beings have built? §The faith of our fathers remains strong in us. Still today the German wanders through his countryside and is moved by the beauty of the land god has given him. The summits of his mountains give freedom. He feels eternity amidst the sea. Flowing water is to him the image of eternal change. §He protects the forest and the tree and the bush as if they were his comrades. He loves the animals that are tortured and tormented in other countries. What to him is part of his household is elsewhere only a possession. §He sees and honors in everything god’s creation, in the holy earth, in the wandering wind, in the flickering flames, in which there is always change. Ever again we stand on the summits of the peaks and wave the torch and feel the magnificent and the ineffable. §Who dares chide us because our eyes are open?