Tuesday, 14 January 2014

'Reclaim the Swastika' (sic) websites often use this swastika with the flower arrangement as an example of 'non-nazi' usage of the swastika. Of course, their perceived view that any swastika that depicts growth, the sun, life and light must be of Hindu or Buddhist  origin is clearly misplaced!

The image above shows the Swastika in its TRUE-LIGHT, as bringer of light, life and warm to our great race...And is taken straight from a National Socialist publication for the Advent of Weihnacht! 

Printed in 1943 the caption reads - 

 "When winter storms keep children in the house, we can draw from memory all that we have experienced. The preceding year will become vivid for them once again in the sun, moon, stars, plants, and animals. The boys will want to busy themselves with the experiences of our victorious soldiers in the war. It is not important if the picture is beautiful, but rather that we take real pleasure when we draw."