Sunday, 19 January 2014

One thing that varies a lot with the Hagal rune is how it's name is pronounced. My own view is that in Anglo-Saxon, as the G was pronounced as a Y (e.g. geollu – yellow, geol – Yule, ge –you) this rune is Hay-al, that is Hail.  

To me this Holy rune represents the life giving force from the sun –its healing rays that nourish the soil and new life. When sunlight refracts from a camera lens, it often produces the six armed Hail-Rune. The suns light refracting from water vapour in the atmosphere will also give the sun a halo (sun-crown).

'Natural' Hagal rune

The Hagal rune also adorns the shields of our Germanic folk-heroes. Sigurd, Barbarossa and Widukind have all been depicted as having a Hagal rune inscribed shield. Hagal clearly has the power to protect. Hagal gives us the word hag, which is a witch. It is also the basis for the runic formula ‘Hag All All Hag’, which was used during 1930’s Germany by the Edda society, and was the name of their publication from 1930-1933, then after it was called ‘Hagal’.