Sunday, 19 January 2014

EUROPA by Arno Breker

This statue embodies the mysteries of the AR rune - The Eagle, The Aryan, Youth, the Upright spirit of Man. 

"Our Order is a Germanic Order, loyalty is also Germanic. Our God is Walvater, his rune is the Ar rune. An the trinity: Wotan, Wili, We is the unity of the trinity. The Ar-rune signifies Aryan, primal fire, the sun and the eagle. And the eagle is the symbol of the Aryans." - Rudolf von Sebottendorff

The a-Rune, Ar, Aar [eagle], the Eagle of the Sun, nobleman, Aryan, Arman, the Son of the Sun. Aar-fire = primal fire, the Son of God. Harmony = Ar-mony. Ar = acre [field]. Ar-Arahari, the spiritual Sun; Arimann, the Sun-Man, the Aryan. The Ar-Rune is also the rune of the healer, the physician [Arzt]. - Siegfried Adolf Kummer, 1932

The root word AR is were the term ARYAN derives. 

Across the Indo-Germanic world we find the concept of the Aryan as being Noble. The light skinned Aryan was the Law bringers in Aryan India. Even in modern English, being fair relates to both being pale-white skinned and to being just and true. We can see this from these examples - 

Arya - Noble / Honour (Sanskrit);  Ehre (German); Eer (Dutch);  Ari (Armenian)

From the root AR we find that the Aryan is bound to the soil. Ar gives us our word arable

The Old English word 'Erian' (Aryan) was someone who ploughed the land. The Gothic 'Arjan' meant the same. The plough was also a pre-NS symbol for resistance! If we look at ancient Aryan homelands, we find that place names reflected this and arable land meant land farmed by the Aryans. 

Eire - Ireland; Ariāna - Peria; Iran; Āryāvarta - North India

There is an Anglo-Saxon land charm (known as the Aecerblot) which invokes a largely unknown goddess 'Erce'. Erce shares the same Ar/Er root. These blessings and rituals still live on in England through 'Plough Monday', the first monday after Yule and the first day of the farming year. On this day farmers blessed their ploughs for luck.  

Erce, Erce, Erce,  earth's mother,
May the all-ruler grant you, the eternal lord,
fields growing  and flourishing,
propagating  and strengthening,
tall shafts,  bright crops,
and broad  barley crops,
and white  wheat crops,
and all  earth's crops.
May the eternal lord  grant him,
and his holy ones,  who are in heaven,
that his produce be guarded  against any enemies whatsoever,
and that it be safe  against any harm at all,
from poisons [lyblaca]  sown around the land.
Now I bid the Master,  who shaped this world,
that there be no speaking-woman [cwidol wif]  nor artful man 
[craeftig man] that can overturn  these words thus spoken.