Saturday, 18 May 2019

I was reading up on UK planning law, in particular the rules on the right to fly flags. I fly the English national flag, but have wondered - what other flags can I fly, without the local authorities bothering me? Can I legally fly the White Dragon? In recent years left-leaning councils had taken it upon themselves to write to English nationalists, who proudly flew the national flag, and (wrongly) told them they needed their permission to fly the flag. The law in the UK is that you do not need permission to fly a national flag.

I've copied the law regarding flags below for UK readers to look at. But what interested me is the first line of the text - that flags are a way of expressing joy - for joy is symbolised by the Wynn rune, and the Wynn rune is that of a flag or pennant! As a manifestation of a symbol or idea, the banner is a rallying point, which is why so may military regiments across the world, and throughout history, put more urgency in protecting the colours than they did their own lives! 

UK flag law - flags which do NOT need planning permission. (Notice that the historical Saxon kingdom of Wessex is listed - which means that anyone can fly the Wessex Golden Wyvern)

Flags are a very British way of expressing joy and pride – they are emotive symbols which can boost local and national identities and strengthen community cohesion (sic). The Government has recently made changes to regulations which widen the types of flags which you may fly in England. This guide provides a brief summary of the new, more liberalised, controls over flag flying that were introduced on 12 October 2012. Flags are treated as advertisements for the purposes of the planning regime and some require formal consent (permission) from the local planning authority, whereas others do not. The detailed controls over flag flying are set out in amended regulations (see link below) which are administered by local planning authorities. If you are unclear about whether consent is required for flying a flag you should contact your local planning authority who can provide detailed advice.

All flag flying is subject to some standard conditions
All flags must be:
• be maintained in a condition that does not impair the overall visual appearance of the site ;
• be kept in a safe condition;
• have the permission of the owner of the site on which they are displayed (this includes the Highway Authority if the sign is to be placed on highway land);
• not obscure, or hinder the interpretation of official road, rail, waterway or aircraft signs, or otherwise make hazardous the use of these types of transport, and
• be removed carefully where so required by the planning authority. Subject to compliance with the standard conditions, there are 3 categories of flag: (a) flags which can be flown without consent of the local planning authority, (b) flags which do not need consent provided they comply with further restrictions (referred to as “deemed consent” in the Regulations) and (c) flags which require consent (“express consent”).
(a) Flags which do not need consent
The recent changes allow a wider range of national, sub-national, community and international flags. The full list of flags that do not require consent are:

(a) Any country’s national flag, civil ensign or civil air ensign;
(b) The flag of the Commonwealth, the European Union, the United Nations or any
other international organisation of which the United Kingdom is a member;
(c) A flag of any island, county, district, borough, burgh, parish, city, town or village
within the United Kingdom;
(d) The flag of the Black Country, East Anglia, Wessex, any Part of Lincolnshire,
any Riding of Yorkshire or any historic county within the United Kingdom;
(e) The flag of Saint David;
(f) The flag of Saint Patrick;
(g) The flag of any administrative area within any country outside the United
(h) Any flag of Her Majesty’s forces;
(i) The Armed Forces Day flag.

The above flags or their flagpoles must not display any advertisement or subject matter additional to the design of the flag, but the Regulations now highlight that you can attach a black mourning ribbon to either the flag or flagpole where the flag cannot be flown at half mast, for example, when flying a flag on a flagpole projecting at an angle from the side of a building. The use of the word “country” in (a) and (g) of the list above, includes any of the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and any British Overseas Territory. The flags of St George and St Andrew are recognised as the national flags of England and Scotland, but the flags of St David and St Patrick are listed separately as they do not necessarily fall into the category of a country’s national flag. 

Monday, 29 April 2019

A very interesting looking children's book! Available from Amazon, by author Ash Donaldson.

A fairy tale like no other, for a people like no other...

An ethnic origins story for all children of European descent that instils pride and inspires imagination. History and legend, mythical and not-so-mythical creatures rub shoulders in this saga of the powers that have forged our people.

Frost and fire, sea and storm, the forces that have shaped the face of the earth, become personified in beings of terrifying power: the devouring powers of chaos called giants in our myths. Grim Jack, leader of the Frost Giants, begins an Ice Age as glaciers move across North America. His goal: the annihilation of the elves, who order and shape nature into works of beauty. Boden, orphaned elf-prince of a kingdom besieged, flees across the sea to Europe, only to discover the same endless winter, and an enemy even more terrifying.

But there he also meets the elf-princess Blut, whose beauty the very earth tries to imitate, and for her love he goes into battle. Together, they find help in an unlikely place: a new race of man being forged in the snowy North. Enduring unimaginable hardship, their features carved like the glaciers around them, this unique people will come to resemble the elves inside and out. With endless creative power, an indomitable will, and the mystery that lies within Blut herself, they will carve out a homeland through valour and perseverance.

Possessing gifts from elves and dwarves alike, this race of explorers, inventors, and artists will set out across the seas, even to the sunset lands Boden once knew - a New World to them. But there lies an ancient evil that threatens to undo it all in one terrible act, unleashing forgetfulness and self-loathing upon an unsuspecting people.

Blood. Soil. Memory. Tradition. Come join the quest with Blut and Boden in this lavishly illustrated tale for all ages.

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Though the internet can be a wonderful tool for researching and sharing ideas, it should never replace living in a real world! Often the worldwide web can be exactly that - a web in which the spider catches its prey.

As the weather is getting warmer and the days longer, the modern Wehrbaur and Volkisch activist should be in their gardens and vegetable plots starting their seedlings and growing their own chemical free food. This is what myself and many others have been doing over the last few weeks  - hence you'll always see a drop in the number of posts I make at certain times of the year.

Read - Seed - Breed 

Read, Seed, Breed - this is our Creed!  Read - we educate ourselves! With facts and figures. We learn from nature and trust our instincts. Were possible home-educate your children. For those who enjoy a real book in their hands, our American friends at are currently producing some excellent books via the self publishing house lulu. In fact it has inspired me to think about producing books myself (there's certainly 4 years of usable information on the runes in this blog alone). Please support and look at buying their material. For books on growing and smallholding (home-steading) look out for books by John Seymour who fathered the 'good-life' idea.

Seed. Try and grow your own food! If this is something that interests you then look at getting heritage/heirloom seeds which can be saved for the future. Volkisch circles can seed save and seed swap, which ensures we have a supply of healthy seeds for the future. To much of the food from shops is produced using needless chemicals. Plus sugar (which feeds cancer) seems to be added to everything we buy. Learning traditional skills like bread making, butchering wild game, beekeeping etc are life-skills which our children will never learn unless we can keep these skills alive ourselves. For those 'over the pond', the heirloom seed company Bakers Creek (realseeds) looks a fascinating place to visit!    

Breed - Have children! Have children and teach them the skills that you have learnt so that the Cycle of Life continues. We are constantly told we shouldn't breed, that we are overcrowded etc. Then we're swamped with third world immigrants who have triple the number of children we Europeans have. Don't listen to the lies 'leftist-greens' continuously spout, that to save the planet we need to stop having children. What they really mean is only whites should stop having children. But look at nature - what species on Earth (apart from humans) seeks to reduce its number? None! What species strive to reproduce to the greatest number they can? Every species! As a pagan and National Socialist, I believe our place is firming held 'within' nature. The rule of nature will always triumph over the laws of man.  Look after the Earth - honour Erda - and the Earth will look after us. Nature is the ultimate National Socialist!

Friday, 19 April 2019

I wish all my kith and kin and all volkisch activist's the world over
a happy holiday season - especially for the 20th tomorrow!

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Volkisch flags for the modern day Wehrbauer!
please click each one for a higher resolution image. 

Öko-nazi fahne, das "Grün und Braun" (Ökologie und Nationalsozialismus) 
mit der Lebensrune

Friday, 12 April 2019

Sunday, 24 March 2019

You'd think the 'far right' were about to take over the world! Well, you would if you were to believe the luggenpresse. Since the 'terror attack' in Christchurch NZ the subject has dominated world news. I'd like to draw attention to the following chart, which comes from the BBC. What is very clear is left-wing terrorism is a far greater threat to society. Not only that but many of the separatist movements in Europe are also hard left. Perhaps those on the 'right' wouldn't feel as is their backs were against the wall if they were given a fair hearing...Just don't hold your breath waiting.

Failed, foiled and completed terror attacks by affiliation
Terror attacks in EU member states

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Saturday, 9 March 2019

I recently found this interesting article (below) whilst researching online. The garden city in the UK Schubert talks about is Letchworth, in Hertfordshire UK. It just so happens I've some good volkisch friends who live there! Many of the streets are named after Howard, as are the green and cream painted Howard cottages. Still, I think I'd prefer to live in Fritsch's Gartenstadt. 

Theodor Fritsch and the German (völkische) version of the Garden City: the Garden City invented two years before Ebenezer Howard - DIRK SCHUBERT

The garden city is generally credited as being the brainchild of the English reformer and visionary, Ebenezer Howard, first published in 1898 in his book To‐morrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform. However a German contemporary, Theodor Fritsch (1852–1933), also claimed authorship of the idea in 1896 in his book Die Stadt der Zukunft. The second edition of this book, published in 1912, actually bears the subtitle Gartenstadt. Unlike Howard's progressive and humane reformism, Fritsch's vision reflected an extreme‐racist perspective that later contributed to National Socialist ideology and caused him to be revered as a prophet of Nazism. Unlike Howard, Fritsch was a prolific author whose other work included rabidly anti‐Semitic propaganda, often expressed in his journal, Hammer. His ideas were almost completely ignored by the German garden city association, founded in 1902, which embodied Howard's more liberal and humanistic perspectives. This article examines Fritsch's claims to authorship and considers the nature of his vision of the garden city, using his other writings to give a fuller picture of his thinking. It also details two settlements with which Fritsch was actively associated, Eden (1893–) and Heimland (1908–). Finally it compares the nature of Howard's and Fritsch's garden city visions and offers some reasons as to why the former became so completely dominant.