Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The symbol of the Ouroboros is one I've never used before. I chatted about this with kinsmen recently, so will take this opportunity to expand on this.

My original thoughts on the sign were that it represents a negative force, after all, the serpent is devouring itself. This has to be a self destructive sign thus one to be avoided? For many the Ouroboros is the same as the Jormungand or World Serpent. We can clearly see why this is! A symbol of World Zionism or International Banking maybe? However the root of Jormungand is in the rune Ior - and this is symbolic of the World Pillar. So maybe the Jormungand is a serpent that encircles the World Tree (the same symbolism thus continued into christianity with the serpent twisted around the apple tree in the garden of Eden). We may also be able to associate the Jormungand with the Aryan Hindu Jambunad which means an 'island' but refers to the surface of the Earth. Another name for this is Jambudvipa, and in the Surya Siddhanta, an astronomical text, this refers to Northern Hemisphere.

Some months ago, I took part in a group rune-meditation. We visualised the Sacred Mountain and in my visions I did see an Ouroboros serpent. Those who know me will know that I do not endorse the Flat Earth theory, my beliefs on this where that is was pushed onto our folk circles as a means to ridicule anyone who questioned the Holocaust, (eg - if you question the 6 million figure you must also think the Earth's flat, etc) however... in these visions the Earth was flat and the Ouroboros was the ice that encircled the Earth, so now I have to question this notion. Our mythology fits a Flat Earth model far better than if using a globe. The Sacred Centre, which is the Holy Mountain of Mount Meru sits in the very centre, which is at the North Pole. The South Pole is the circle of Ice which surrounds the Earth. The Ouroboros was the ice and this is exactly what I saw in the visions. 

Perhaps the Flat Earth is purely symbolic, however I'd certainly equate the symbol of the Ouroboros with the ice that encircles a Flat Earth. 

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Some inspirational words from the Aryan holy book, the Bhagavad Gita. The book is so important that Himmler carried a copy with him everywhere he went. Himmler's copy was translated by the German theosophist, Dr. Franz Hartmann.

Sever the ignorant doubt in your heart with the sword of self-knowledge. Observe your discipline. Arise!

No one who does good work will ever come to a bad end, either here or in the world to come.

 Abandon all attachment to the results of action and attain supreme peace

No one should abandon duties because he sees defects in them. Every action, every activity, is surrounded by defects as a fire is surrounded by smoke.

We are kept from our goal, not by obstacles, but by a clear path to a lesser goal.

The embodied soul is eternal in existence, indestructible, and infinite, only the material body is factually perishable, therefore fight O Arjuna.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Full credit to 'Servant of the Avatar' who along with his kinsmen at Iron March who have prepared these superb pdf files, based on the original Third Reich publications. 

 Kurt  Eggers  was  the  editor  of  the  SS  newspaper  Das  Schwarze  Korps  and  an  SS  war  correspondent.  After  he  was killed on the Russian front in 1943, an SS regiment was named after him: the SS-Standarte Kurt Eggers.In short, Kurt Eggers was a true National Socialist warrior-poet, whose works provide a fascinating look into the soul of the ideal SS warrior.

Anton Holzner (the pseudonym for SS-Sturmbanführer Albert Hartl) was a former Catholic  priest  who  left  the  priesthood  and  the  church  and  became  an  SS  officer! Two of his books, Eternal Front and Master Life, present the non-Christian religious  attitude  often  referred  to  as  "gotgläubig".  His  other  two  books,  Priest Power and God’s Law, reveal the methods of the priesthood. God’s Law provides a fascinating portrayal of the six stages of his evolution: from fun-loving little boy to  rebellious  cloister  school  pupil  to  exemplary  theology  student  to  idealistic  young  priest  to  disillusioned  older  priest  who  leaves  priesthood  and  church  to  National Socialist!

Please support 'Servant of the Avatar' by following his link via my links bar. I also highly recommend downloading the pdf files, before the great clampdown on the internet beings!

"Two weapons are available to each folk in the struggle for existence: Its fighting strength and its natural fertility. Never forget that the fighting strength ALONE cannot secure the folk’s survival into the distant future. The inexhaustible fountain of its fertility is also necessary. The victory of German arms must be followed by the victory of the German child."

— Heinrich Himmler

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Excellent new blog from Wulf Ingessunu here.

For those who follow his teachings their website will soon be updated here.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

The HerrenVolk

I had planned to write about this subject this week and as a synchronicity the good folk at Siddharreich penned a very similar article. Delendaestziobot posts -

The aim of German National Socialism was as Hitler stated in Mein Kampf to “transform our ideal vision of the People’s State into a reality”….National Socialism was an ideal that Hitler attempted to transform into a reality. Now to the etymology: The word “Sir” in English derives from it parent language – German – “Herr”….This is a public term, for example in a restaurant the customer would be addressed as “Herr”. It is a public honourific, a term of respect when addressing someone…It is not a Title anymore than the Title in English – “Mister” or “Gentleman”….One could say colloquially “Good Day my good Sir” or “And for you Sir, what will it be?”…In the way that Herr can be used to describe “master” it means that the man is a master of himself more so than the master of anyone else. If the man was the master of anyone else, in etymological terms then he would be given another title which in German there are many titles which inform of rank and hierarchy. The word Herr derives from Herro, which is from where the English word “Hero” is derived. In Germanic Dutch it is “heer” and in the Germanic Swedish it is “herre”. Herr also means in reference to God. In the reference in which it is applied to a Volk, it can only mean “Proud”, “Venerable” or “Noble”…..An accurate translation of Herrenvolk could be “A People of Gentlemen”….And that would be much more accurate as for what was intended by the term. But there are many different translations that one could make. Another could be – “Noble Folk”, or “A Venerable People”, or in a religious sense “A Lordly People” or even a more irreligious “The People Themselves are Lords”……

I would like to add to that statement by pointing out the root of Gentle (as in gentleman) comes from 'Gene' - the Latin root which gives us gene, generation, gentle and Gentile.

When we use the term Master it is in reference  to ownership rather than supremacy. If I send you a letter, I address you as Mr, which is short for Master, as you pertain ownership of the house. You are the master of your own home and your households affairs. It is not a statement of supremacy over your neighbours! 'Master Race' in reference to supremacy, in German would translate as Meister Rasse as Delendaestziobot mentions. Try looking for references to 'White Power' in Third Reich publications. You won't find it. It was an American invention. There is an irony of course in that those who constantly call us 'white supremacists' refer to themselves as 'gods chosen'! 

Herne the Hunter

On an Air Berlin flight to Germany one time, I was skimming through the airline's magazine. An advert for perfume and aftershave caught my eye. For him was spelt Herrn and I immediately thought of Herne (the Hunter). Herne is the Saxon woodland god - and was the Master of the Hunt. Some will tell you Herne is a modern invention, but these people forget the fact that to find the old Saxon legends it is to Germany we need to look. Whilst legends of Herne are limited in England to Windsor and Sherwood, there are towns in Germany named after Herne. The largest is in North Rhine-Westphalia. The town's name has evolved for the German Haranni - Har, Harr and Hari were all titles of Woden as Master of the Hunt, thus we refer to Woden as Herne in this role. It is where we get the term 'Harry' (to attack) from - as in the Harrying of the North. 
Out of Africa  Europe

Archaeologists have made a discovery so sensational that they have waited 1 year to announce it as they had to be sure they had the dating correct. A set of teeth belonging to an early hominin species has been found in Germany that dates back 9.7 million years.

This has blown the idea that Africa was the cradle of Humanity out the window.

The Museum of Natural History in Mainz announced that the fossilized teeth were discovered in the former riverbed of the Rhine in the western German town of Eppelsheim near Mainz.  The Ur-Rhine, as it is known, is a hotbed for fossil remains. In just 15 years, scientists have found 25 new species among the fossilized remains. The teeth were unearthed in a layer of sediment next to the skeletal remains of an extinct horse-like animal, and this helped with the dating process. 

news link for this article here and here

Monday, 2 October 2017

White Sharia? Why not White Halakhah also? Sharia and Halakhah (Halakhah=Halal) are the very same, Islamic lore and Judaic lore. Both are totally alien, totally foreign, totally incompatible with our Germanic Heathen Worldview. It alarms me to see so many 'white' nationalists websites and groups promoting 'white sharia'. The ancient Germanic women had the same rights as the men. They were allowed to marry, divorce and hold property. This blog supports traditional gender roles. For our womenfolk - this means motherhood - which is the greatest fulfilment a woman can achieve, but in no way should the role be forced onto our women!  Reject 'white sharia' and all other alien creeds!! 

European women are to beautiful, to precious and to important to be subjected to White Sharia. 

Friday, 22 September 2017

Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar. limited edition

New release of the deluxe limited edition of Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar by Miguel Serrano (English Translation). Limited to 25 copies. Green Linen cover with quarter bound black leather with gold intaglio titles. The printed pages are of the finest black ink printing. Archival quality books.