Friday, 5 January 2018

Happy new year to all of you! But will it continue to be a happy new year?

At the end of last year a good friend and kinsman sent me a link to a news article about Saturn and the Solstice. Saturn, as you will know is the god of GOLD. Saturn is the god whom the hebrews worship. What was a complete synchronicity is that I had had a dream about Saturn nights before, and I told my kinsman this - though not the details of the dream. 

In my dream I was standing in a holocaust memorial site - like the one pictured below. However I had the strongest feeling that the site was in fact a temple to the giant SURT. I kept hearing the word urn (as in a burial urn) over and over - and that I should leave the site quickly for fire is coming.

I've wondered about the meaning of the dream. We often see Saturn and Satan being connected, but what about Surt? Surt and Saturn both contain the Ur root - meaning something original, or from the beginning. This leaves the S-T root which is common in all three names.  Surt is a Jotun~Juden who 'comes from the south' and his name means 'black'. He brings death and destruction to our lands by burning very thing and everyone  - a holocaust.  

Such dreams may be warnings of doom, or just dreams. I mention this here because it is my experience that several like-minded folk may share a similar dream, which suggests something more - a shared connection to the folk-soul or the gods reaching out to us?  Many years ago myself and a few others noticed a similar and strange phenomenon when we heard different people (some with no connection to the others) tell of a dream, where a great flood covers the south of England. I was aware of this after one of my own children told me she had had the dream, she had been standing on the South Downs (a range of hills on the English coast and home to the Longman of Wilmington) and a great wave covered the land. I heard others talk of  this dream. One time a young volkisch couple from Lombardy joined us at a folk-moot and we gave blot to both Saxon and Lombardic gods. Surprisingly, the young Lombardic man himself had once visioned in a dream, that England would sink in a flood. We researched this at the time - and found paintings of the Longman waist deep in water at a local library and even references in Tolkien's  Lord of the Rings, Tolkien writes of Eowyn - "I dreamed I saw a great wave, climbing over green lands and above the hills. I stood upon the brink. It was uppterly dark in the abyss before my feet."  Dreams of flood, and now fire.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Many of you will have lit your candles upon your Jul-tower or Julleuchter this year.

The symbols on the side of the Julleuchter are taken from Germanic-Frisian history. The Hagal rune symbol is known as the Jol-wheel, which is a six spoked wheel, compared to the traditional eight spoked wheel  in other parts of the Germanic world. This symbolises the Yule, or wheel. 

The heart symbol above the Jol wheel is a very interesting sign - for it does in fact represent the Frisian folk, and was not originally a heart, but a lily leaf - the seeblatts (or pompeblêden, as they are called in West Frisian). The seeblatt is the symbol of the  European white water lily, which appears on the various Frisian flags. The Julleuchter  and its symbols have become part of the wider Germanic peoples yuletide celebrations - a gift to us from the Frisian folk.

““ « This flag has no official status.
It shows a Scandinavian/Nordic Cross, modeled after the proportions of the flags of Iceland and Norway: as like these countries, Frisia protects old democratic traditions. It also symbolises the bond...

Sunday, 24 December 2017

The letters d,t and th are often interchangeable in the Germanic languages. 'Th' was once written Đ or đ.  Knowing this allows us to explore the runes even further.

I'd like to explore this rune a little here - which is a variant of the Odal rune- the Anglo-Saxon name being Ethel (Eđel). I personally refer to this rounded version as Aethel (Aðel) or Othal which is yet another name, and like the others is rooted in the word Noble. As you will no doubt be aware this is the root of the name Adolf or Adal-Wolf, the Noble-Wolf. The English equivalent is Aethelwulf. 

Ad Ed Od Ath Eth Oth

The rounded top part of this root is the Oath ring. What we refer to in the squared version of the Odal rune as 'legs' are, in this style, arms. Thus we can see two kinsmen holding the oath ring and swearing oaths and deeds. The word 'oath' is rooted in the Anglo-Saxon root að - and adds to the concept of the Nobility of Blood and Soil.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Animated classic - Beowulf - great version for children to watch on the solstice!

A moments thought for all our kinsmen behind bars
or who have fallen in struggle

so that the spirit of our volk
will ever endure

Yuletide greetings!

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

THIS sixth title in our ever-popular series on the writings of the mystical English order, Woden's Folk, looks at the myths surrounding the lost continent of At-al-land. Located in the North Sea, or what Pliny referred to as the Septentrionalis Oceanus, this mysterious Indo-European landscape has long since disappeared beneath the unforgiving waves and taken with it much of the arcane knowledge of those who once traversed its ancient mountains, valleys and plains. Drawing upon the wondrous tales of J. R. R. Tolkien, the exhaustive research of Jorgen Spanuth, the Old Frisian manuscript known as the Oera Linda Book, the Aryan sagas of Ancient India and the esoteric writings of Julius Evola, Miguel Serrano, Viktor Rydberg and Stephen A. McNallen, the author adopts a speculative approach to this controversial topic and seeks to determine what lies behind the legends and the folklore surrounding what he describes as 'At-al-Land' and what others have called 'Atland' or 'Atlantis'. Wulf also examines an ancient figure known as Ingwe or Ing, the Divine Ancestor of the English Tribes, and suggests that the Anglo-Frisian / Northumbrian Rune-Row could be far older than we have been led to believe. Elsewhere, the links between the submersion of the consciousness, or ‘sinking’ of the Third Eye, is explained in relation to those lands which disappear from sight. Other subjects discussed in the book relate to the numerical significance between the legends of Thule-Hyperborea and At-al-land, and the importance of Ingwë as he appears in the Book of Lost Tales. Chapters include Revision of English History, Traces of Germania in Early Britain, Lost Symbols of the English, The Legends of Lost Lands, At-al-land and the Hale-Bopp Comet, Ingwe and At-at-land, The Four Hallows and the Graal Runes, The White Stone of Ingwe, The Ar-Kan Runes and At-al-land, The Sacred Mountain and the Fire Serpent, and finally Resurrection and the Rising of At-al-land. Once again, Wulf Ingessunu has excelled himself and the breathtaking scope of this remarkable study is a valuable contribution to the reclamation of our priceless folk-heritage. 

Copies of AT-AL-LAND: ARYAN MYSTERIES OF THE NORTHERN SEAS by Wulf Ingessunu are now available to pre-order from Black Front Press

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Well, here in England we've just had quite a decent amount of snow - especially where I live in the Chiltern hills area, were we rarely see snow. Even when it normally does snow it never settles. My friends and komrades in northern England and Scotland are probably laughing right now for they get the snow a lot worse. Still, the snows are a pleasant reminder that the yuletide season is just a few days away.

This time last year the folks on the 4chan forum produced a very interesting runebinding (the project was named Winter Chan). The aim of which was to invoke the Fimbul Winter. A few inches of snow certainly doesn't count (even though the UK seems to come to a complete stop at the sight of a single flake) but the intent was to summon such an extremely harsh winter that the 'great brown tide' comes to a complete stop and those whose have made it to Europe find the conditions to hard to except. The aim of the runebinding and the invokation of Winter Chan was to put a stop to this invasion. Personally I'm not sure whether these internet meme's can effect what happens in the real world - however we never doubt the power of the runes! Either way, I find the entire Winter Chan idea and the runebinding fascinating! So enjoy the snow and the Winter Chan, even if it is only for fun but accept always that the gods and nature are on our side!

The runebinding is that of the Hail rune representing the snow, 
between two Is runes, representing the Ice.

The personification of Winter Chan - perhaps we'd know her as Frau Holle or Skadi?  

Winter Chan art work.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

..In this documentary, Jewish Supremacy survivor Vera Oredsson speaks about her time in National Socialist Germany. After she fled to Sweden she married Göran Oredsson and later became head of the national socialist party called The Nordic Realm Party. Despite being persecuted by the media and the juridical establishment in Sweden, she held on firmly to her beliefs and is still going strong at 89 years of age, participating in various demonstrations and events with the Nordic Resistance Movement. Please show respect to this great warrior princess in the comments, she deserves nothing but love for her unrelenting struggle.