Wednesday, 18 July 2018

You may remember that a while back I performed a Sieg Tiwaz rite for my kinsman facing prison. Those who pleaded guilty were today convicted, however, my good friend Aethelwulf was found not guilty - so today I thank the god Tyr for allowing justice to follow its rightful course!


Thursday, 12 July 2018

Today is the 12th of July - known to most British nationalists as a holiday in Northern Ireland, celebrated by Protestants, Orangemen and Loyalists alike.

When I was a young teenager, all of the British far right supported Ulsters right to remain  British. This meant supporting the various marching orders and loyalist institutions. And I followed suit and supported the loyalists in Ulster.

I now regret this support. Whilst I'll never support the republicans who are ultra-left, supporting Loyalism means loyalty to a zionist British crown. The British kings once claimed descent from Woden (Odin), now they claim descent from David. The various marching orders are Freemason offshoots. To make things worse - Loyalism today has become openly supportive of Israel.

The largest marching order is the Orange Order. The name is taken from William of Orange, the Dutch prince who became a Protestant king after defeating the Catholic King James. But William was heavily financed by jews in Holland  -most notably Solomon Medina, the first jew to be knighted in England. You only need to look at the insignia of the Orange to see its masonic roots. It should also be pointed out that the Orange Order is a Protestant organisation, not a 'white' organisation with Africa having hundreds of Orange lodges, especially in West Africa.

Unlike the Orange, whose marches and activities are widely known, there are other marching orders whose names are not so well known. The Royal Arch Purple which is a similar unionist freemason inspired movement - and the  Royal Black Institution.

Another growing problem within loyalism is the growth of British Israelism, known as Christian Identity to our American friends. No longer are we Saxons, Irish, Brits, English but lost tribes of Israel!!! The Red Hand of Ulster - which is long known to have derived from the O'Neil clans is now the Zionist Hand of Zarah.   

What needs to change? So many British nationalists still continue to support these Freemasonic lodges whilst 'claiming' to be National Socialist. Neo-Nazi maybe...but you CANNOT be a National Socialist and a Freemason!

I urge all true National Socialist to continue to expose the Freemasons and their ways. In regards to Northern Ireland, I say NO MORE BROTHER WARS. Reject Zion - Embrace your White Heritage. Reject the Kosher rightwing groups who use you as pawns for Israel.  

Whether you are Irish or British - Saxon or Gael -  Celt or Germanic - embrace the Heathen ways of our ancestors. We are all Aryan.  

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Pagan marching song of the Hitler Youth

We are the joyous Hitler youth, 
We do not need any Christian virtue, 
Because our leader Adolf Hitler 
Is always our Mediator. 

No evil priest can ever stop us 
We feel we are Hitler's children. 
Not Christ we follow, but Horst Wessel, 
Away with incense and holy water! 

We sing as we follow  our flags 
As worthy sons of our ancestors, 
I am not a Christian, not a Catholic, 
I'll go with SA through thin and thick. 

The church can be lost, 
The swastika is salvation on earth, 
I will follow him at every turn, 
Baldur von Schirach, take me with you!

Monday, 2 July 2018

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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Today is Tuesday - Tiw's day, and he is the god of Justice. I performed a Tiwaz rune galdr today whilst thinking of our fellow patriots who stand trial in the UK courts - for loving their country and race.  

Tiw is not just a god of justice and war - his name also means 'day' - for he is a light bringer. The Sanskrit word Deva means both 'god' and 'shining one' - and Deva is the root of many names for the god Tiw.  The Welsh word is Diw and the Breton source is Deiz. The Armenian word for day is 'Tiw'. The old English name was Tig, which cognates with the German Tag.

The one handed God he has taught us the significance of Sacrifice. Should the young lads who currently stand trial be given an unfair hearing then their sacrifice will only strengthen the collective folk will.

Hail Tiw!

Below is a runebinding, commonly called Ziu (Ziu is the High German name for Tiw). It is a rune binding of Sieg and Tiw (Sig Tyr)- victory-justice victory-god! It forms the basis of a very powerful rune galdr. Invoke this rune and ask Tiw to free our kin!


Friday, 22 June 2018

Shining soul
Sunna's heart is
Freely given.

Burning bright
Sunna's light is
Westward driven.

Summer warmth
Sunna's love is
our heaven.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Frohe Sommersonnenwende!

Happy Summer Sunstead!


Drum mutig drein und nimmer bleich denn Gott iſt allenthalben: 
die freiheit und das himmelreich gewinnen keine halben!


Forward with courage, never blanch, for God is everywhere: 
freedom and the heavenly kingdom is not won by the halfhearted. 

Ernst Moritz Arndt

Sunday, 17 June 2018


Awake! England Awake! Germany Awake! Europe Awake! Vinland Awake!!! Awake is such a powerful rallying cry. The origins of the word are important.  From the Old English awæcnan (earlier onwæcnan; strong, past tense awoc) "to awake, arise, originate," which comes from  a  + wacan "to arise, become awake;" and also awakien, from Old English awacian "to awaken, revive; arise; originate, spring from," Here we two root words -  "on" + wacian "to be awake, remain awake, to watch." The second element (wake) is from the PIE root *weg- to be STRONG.

It is clear that our people are asleep. They sleep walk through life. Day dreaming of better things better never acting on their hopes for the entire system is designed to dull their wits whilst chemicals in our food and water dumb the brain. Our nation is asleep.

The story of 'Sleeping Beauty'  is the tale of the Sleeping Aryan. Her German name is the Dornröschen - Rose Thorn. She is put to sleep by the wicked dark haired step mother/witch/god mother (modern tales vary) after pricking her finger on a splinter from her spindle (perhaps connecting her to Frigga?)

The Thorn of Sleep. In the English runes rows the rune is Thorn, however the Germanic and Norse name Thurs refers to the Giants (Jotun-Juden).  It is the Thorn of Sleep that the Jotun used as a weapon over our folk. I've meditated upon this for almost a year now, and have come to see the Star of David as a Thorn rune bind.  Thus the Star of David is the Crown of Thorns which was placed upon the head of jesus. Christianity is the sleep-curse that we must awake from.

The Crown of Thorns - six rotating thorns, one marked in red to highlight their shape.

For our people to AWAKE! we must first rid ourselves of this alien creed! And it is just so that the Thorn of Sleep will also be the Thorn of Awakening. We are thorns in the systems side. Our Thorn is the Hammer we wear - the hammer of Thor! Ultimately Thor's sign is the Swastika thus it could be that WW2 was the enactment of the World Serpent killing Thor at Ragnarok? But the Hammer remains and has been passed onto his sons - Magni and Modi.


Thorn-rune hammer